Hog Lagoon Heaven in the Late Great American States

Smoking Mirrors — April 24, 2013

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
Some while ago, whatever that adds up to in real time …AND before matters were as clear as they are today, I mentioned that Alex Jones was a Disinfo Agent and in the employ of The Rothschilds, who have their taloned fingers in every shit pie being baked, or sun dried, on the planet. When I mentioned that Jones was a completely sold out, hysterical toilet paper roll; horny for the nasty and redolent asses of his employers, I was informed by some number of people that, “Oh come on, he wakes up some amount of the general population that the rest of us don’t have the reach to accomplish. Various defenders, often unnamed, came out of the woodwork, the same way cockroaches used to come out of the bamboo wallpaper in my apartment in Philadelphia. I’ve never seen a cockroach in Europe and I’ve never seen a rat; a few mice here and there but… no rats. That’s probably a hangover from the days of The Pied Piper of Hamlin. Did he take all the cockroaches too? It’s to be presumed that cockroaches simply like the political climate in North America better than here. There does seem to be a lot more cockroaches and rats in that location than this one.
There’s quite a few Disinfo Agents scampering about the stys and wallows of Hog Lagoon Heaven, also known as The Late Great American States. I am glad to see that I am not on that list but I am probably just not important enough. Gordon Duff is an interesting writer AND a Disinfo Agent, as well as a Tribe member.
Now, it is patently clear that Alex Jones is a Disinfo Agent, as well as an overblown caricature of himself, a helium headed windbag and an embarrassment to the human race. In that last department he has a lot of company.; a whole lot of company and most of that is in the same demographic as the rats and cockroaches. Is there anyone out there left to argue on the behalf of Tweedledum Jones? No doubt there is. There is no vaccine for stupid.
When I mentioned that Julian Assange (who has admitted that he is a stooge for Israel) was a disinfo agent, I got more curious commentaries from unknown sectors. One lady from Australia was incensed because I was demeaning an Australian. That was her only concern and no amount of getting her verifiable intel was of any help. Well, you get those Justin Bieber moments now and again; “But I like his hair! Look at his hair! What difference could anything else possibly make next to that hair”? Here is something, now lost in space, that this low-cal Andy Warhol had to say more than six months ago “There are 3,700 files related to Israel and the source of 2,700 files is Israel. In the next six months we intend to publish more files depending on our sources.” Uh huh.
Because the mass of the American public is so fantastically and immeasurably stupid, there is no telling, there is no telling how deep down below the oxygen line of the outhouse portal they might be. It is a safe bet that the outhouse is enormous, or possibly some ancient wormhole that runs all the way to the shit-hole center of the universe. There are a few reasons for this level of moronic parity. One is the incremental, near freefall dumbing down (interesting phrase) of the populace. Another is the pervasive and suffocating, near planetary wide blanketing of materialism and ubiquitous, anal suppository cellphones. Want to guess how many are set to ‘vibrate’ as opposed to a ringtone? Strangely, or not so strangely, some number of them are set to ‘stun’. . There are tens of millions of these sightless larvae, with swivel necks that turn at the sound of the voices of command. “Remain clam”. “Move along, nothing to see here”. “Bend over and Wait”.
There’s a lot that people don’t know because they mostly only know what they have been told and do not know what they have not been told. They have no burbling curiosity to look past what they are told. They just want to know the way to the ‘all you can eat buffet’, followed by a six pack of Bud, some internet porn and a pumping right hand that is now prone to carpal tunnel syndrome and cramping. Well, there’s always a down side when you get too entranced with the old up and down.
Let us consider Hollywood. Of course, there are poisonous, human centipedes like James Wood, Joan Rivers (“bomb the shit out of Iran”) and Adam Sandler but few people know that Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman were both big Bush supporters. Opportunism and self interest lead to all sorts of unfortunate choices. No doubt they have the usual disingenuous excuses for this and quite possibly they have moved away from their former views by now but… once upon a time. There is no higher concentration of atheists than in the Zio-Ogre Cotillion. I call it a cotillion because it is a measured dance around kiddie eating monsters like Baal …and sundry; atavistic creatures from the regions of nightmare. Blood and Fear are the main lubricants for the appearance of these fiends. In the temporal realm, such calculated sacrifices lead to material results in abundance. One might say that those who worship Baal, Asmodeus, Abbadon, Lucifer and Satan are not strictly atheists. I’ll concede that, just as I will concede that dialectical materialism is a Jewish creation and tens of millions were sacrificed on the altar thereof.
The control of the media, music, publishing and entertainment industries has given fecally obsessed, reversed Kundalini sex addicts and kiddie blood junkies, control over what we take for reality, what we dance to and what we escape into. That they nearly totally control The Empire of Pornography is a toxic, salmonella laced gravy, upon the rotting, cannibal meats arrayed on their feasting tables. One will note that all of their holidays are celebrations of massacres and murder and they routinely engage in new versions of the same. Could it be any more fucking clear? In tandem with all of these consistent and continuing outrages, THEY DID 9/11 and most of the rest of the terror attacks. (I haven’t seen this video but some of you might now see it. Does it clear anything up?). Only a craven coward, a total fool, or one who is an accessory to these things can entertain any doubt at this point. I have to beat this drum!” My life is pointless and has no meaning otherwise. That would make it very much like so many of the rest of you, with your unexamined lives. So many of you are simply tubes. You put things in one opening and then turn them into waste products that vacate the premises at a further location. This is similar to putting garbage into your minds and then transforming that into speech and conversation.
Unless some greater, massive awakening takes place in quick order, The Invisible and Lady Nature are going to unleash what is necessary to enforce awakening, while also processing a large percentage of you into another location. It’s what happens when what is supposed to happen doesn’t happen.
Ah well, how many times can I say the same thing in another way? Recently some former colleagues of mine have shown themselves to be something-someone I never took them for and lack even the wit to come up with a decent excuse. One of them objects to my ‘world view’ but… there is no clarification given. Usually that is because that is not the reason. My purview is that some great and invisible change has taken place behind the scenes (recently) and we haven’t seen it yet but it has totally turned around the minds of some who had no real grasp on it to begin with. Some are affected and being put to sleep because of an inability to face dramatic change and some of us continue to move forward because change is what we are all about, save for those things that should not and need not be changed.
My longstanding relationship with my consort will end (amicably) in a few months, all because I write about and talk about the things I do and that vibrates into the fear zone of someone (like so many of you out there) who does not want to know. Should I cease to be who I am in order to preserve a semblance of domestic tranquility? Should I ‘go along to get along’? These are hard choices in hard times. I’ll now have to relocate to a more primitive zone. New companions will come. Some think they know where this location is. They don’t. I’m not making it public information.
I expect, one day, that all mysteries will be cleared up; maybe not all (grin) but most of them. I suspect that until that appointed time, I should just concentrate on what it is that I do and not concern myself with strange behavior on the parts of those who have become a mystery to me…
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