The Dung Beetles from Armageddon Babylon

Visible Origami — April 23, 2013

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Greetings! It’s been a little while and much (little of it good) has transpired in the interim. We now have some measurement of just how corrupt America and several other western powers are and how completely the governments are controlled by the Satanic regime of Israel. There has never been a more evil and troublesome nation than Israel. Since they got here, from whatever pit they crawled out of, they have been a plague on the face of the planet. There is no exaggeration in this, If anything it is an underestimation.
(On a matter of personal note, it appears that I will need yet two more weeks to complete my book, so I see no reason why I can’t put up some posts on the way to that epic moment, which has eluded me for so long (grin). Then a period of editing must take place before publication. That sorted, we will be on our way to whatever follows next).
The alternative news is filled with the outrageous and transparent doings of the criminal and fascist nation which attacked the Boston Marathon, under the direction and control of Israel. Yet one more time they ran a training exercise. during an obvious false flag event, whose intent was to put the nation even more under lock-down than it already is. Israeli doctors are treating the remaining suspect who had nothing to do with the adventure and who knows what these Mengele clones are up to.
There was a general impression that Chuck Hagel might turn out to be a relatively upright guy. We now know that he is a sleazy whore who works for Israel and is presently engaged in assisting in the planning of war against Syria, Iran and possibly their more powerful supporters. It is essentially a war against Islam. Satanism (the state religion of Israel) and Islam do not get along. Into the mix comes Turkey (who is being leaned on by NATO) and Israel wants to use them as a launching base against Iran. Jordan too is having it’s arm twisted up behind its back and along with all of the other corrupt fiefdoms, littered about the playing fields of Armageddon.
Since the days of Reagan but… actually since 1913, more or less, when the Golden Calf dancing, Satan worshiping Central Bankers were able to shoehorn their counterfeiting operation into the richest country on Earth and then printed all necessary imaginary money and loaned it out to their surrogates in order to buy up all of the industries they needed to turn the US into Soviet Russia (which they were responsible for) or Nazi Germany, which they also played a large part in bringing about. Here is the legacy of the ancestors of the present day, Kingdom of Hell. These are facts. This is the impact they have had across the centuries and around the planet, as they sought to loot and subvert every nation they were resident in, until the natives had the prescience to throw them out.
We can only hope that their unremitting violence against the sleeping classes everywhere, will turn out very badly for them. Otherwise it will turn out very badly for us. They intend nothing less than the enslavement and destruction of the West, the East, the North and the South and all points in between. Once again, Netanyahoo has announced that a false flag attack on the American mainland is very good for Israel. That is why they arranged for it to happen; along with the abominably corrupt FBI and various intelligence agencies that exist as oxymorons.
Possibly the most startling and unbelievable news of recent days, is the purchase of Blackwater, now called Xe (soon to be called something else) by Monsanto. Monsanto is truly a play on words for My Satan. They are now threatening states with court proceedings, if they are not allowed to run roughshod over the health and well being of the public. Here is a listing of the vile entities who sit on the board of directors of Monsanto; Gregory H. Boyce (Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Peabody Energy Corporation), David L. Chicoine (President of South Dakota State University and professor of economics), Janice L. Fields (President of McDonald’s USA, LLC, a subsidiary of McDonald’s Corporation), Hugh Asmodeus Grant (Chairman and chief executive officer of Monsanto Company), Arthur H. Harper (Managing partner of GenNx360 Capital Partners), Laura K. Ipsen (Corporate vice president of Microsoft Corp.’s Worldwide Public Sector organization), Gwendolyn S. King (President of Podium Prose, a speakers bureau), C. Steven McMillan (Retired chairman of the board and CEO of Sara Lee Corporation), John R. Moeller (Chief financial officer of The Procter & Gamble Company), William U. Parfet (Chairman of the board, chief executive officer and President of MPI Research Inc), George H. Poste (Chief executive of Health Technology Networks), Robert J. Stevens (Executive chairman of the board of Lockheed Martin Corporation).
Here you can see some headshots of their visages. Here are the chief stockholders for Monsanto= Hugh Grant – Chairman, President, and CEO, Steve Mandel, Chris Davis, Richard Aster Jr, Bill Gates (hmmmm… he’s also bent on vaccines), Mario Gabelli, Steven Mizell
Nicole M Ringenberg – VP and Controller. Here’s a little rap on these ambulatory, fecal carcinogens. Some very nasty customers are connected to Monsanto and it is highly likely that there are invisible players who are set back out of the public view, who exercise some leverage in this cesspit of a corporation. It is to be reflexively and automatically assumed that everyone named so far in this posting, is either a deacon or an elder in the planetary wide, Universal Church of Satan. Why would Monsanto need to purchase Blackwater/Xe? It is because they are getting set to orchestrate black bag ops and assassinations in every location where sane people are opposed to them. We have come into the time when corporations now require, demand and insist on standing armies for the securing and protection of their bottom line. Because it is under the radar for the most part, the deep in a coma sleeping public (deserving of anything and everything that happens to them), Satanism is not visible in its day to day operations.
Hollywood is controlled by Satanists. The media and music business is controlled by Satanists. The government is controlled by Satanists. The top tier of religious, corporate person-hood is also controlled by Satanists. Of course, the corporations are controlled by them, as are the Judicial and Legislative bodies of the government. We’ve already mentioned the Administrative sector, where Howdy Doody is ensconced; also a practicing Satanist, as well as “The Man who Wasn’t There”..
These are dark and dire times and one can only hope that China, Russia, Brazil, India Venezuela and others will band together to bring about the destruction of The Evil Empire. What are they called, Brics? Something like that. It is to be hoped that those super missiles that Russia gave to Syria and against which there is no defense, will prove to be adequate to the task. Here’s hoping it doesn’t come to that but… given what odious swine are pushing for mass murder and genocide, it’s hard to expect a positive turn of events. Let us hope that Russia and China have outfitted Iran with serious armaments and that when the bloodthirsty psychopaths, who are attached to these kinds of actions, pull their expected psychotic aggressions, they will meet up with the unexpected and be reduced to tiny bubbles of carbon ash; with apologies to gangster boy, Don Ho.
I realize and those of you not in a deep narcotic and alcoholic slumber also realize that the depraved beasts among us are seriously now engaged in mayhem and pushing to their final denouement. Even now, after all that has been revealed and the more than obvious facts concerning false flags and pending martial law, the American public is committed to a mindset of bone dead stupid. How anyone can not know what’s happening by this time is beyond me. They actually applaud and support the actions being carried out against them. In the history of the world, I doubt that there has ever been an aggregation of Dodo birds, like the collection we have in these times and… you know what happened to the Dodo birds.
I apologize for using Visible Origami for this kind of subject matter. I promise to make it up to you next time around. Let us hope that the invisible soon steps in and neutralizes all of these toxic viruses that have plied their evil ways upon us for so long and too long.
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Some strange microwave or negative pulse beam has been in operation upon the minds of formerly very close friends, who have simply gone into hibernation, with no explanation, no event, no contact of any kind except positive and then? Very strange indeed. I cannot fathom what has happened but maybe I’ll find out and maybe I won’t.