Steven Greer & the Promise of Alien Contact

by David Shewchuck — ( April 22, 2013

I owe a personal debt to Steven Greer for opening doors for me to experience things that few humans have.  Nothing I write here changes that but we must try to be objective about any public figure.
Greer’s success in contacting alien civilizations in the early 1990s shook up the UFO community, many of whom were envious of his quick rise. He also rattled the military-intelligence complex who took a direct interest in his activities.  He has met the Rockefellers, the CIA, DIA, NSA, NRO and many military, corporate and political major players in multiple countries.
Not surprisingly, he received a storm of accusations and threats.  There were attempts to co-opt him similar to those used on Aaron Russo.  U.S. Congressman Steve Schiff of Arizona died under suspicious circumstances in 1998 when he was working with Greer.  (See Note below)


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