Things Get Ugly in Venezuela

A Brazilian website documents a brutal military crackdown including murders of supporters of Henrique Capriles. They believe the re-election of Nicolas Meduro, Chavez’s designated successor, was a fraud.

Courtesy Marcos in Brazil — April 21, 2013

“Facing 3200 accusations of fraud, with videos, pictures, etc, people “en masse” in the streets, the Venezuelan Marxists flipped out. Eight protesters were murdered, army on the streets, massive repression. People who voted for Capriles are being persecuted.
Dilma, Argentina’s Kirchner, Uruguay’s Mujica, and other Marxist politicians hurried to support and inaugurate Cuba-trained Maduro before things got ugly.
For us in Brazil, it became clear that Lula’s Workers Party will never leave power democratically. Inflation is rising, industrial output has fallen 5%, a recession is coming. If people get angry, they will manipulate the election. Brazil has 99% of ballots in electronic form and there is NO paper trail. The machines are made by Diebold, the company caught red handed in fraud events.”

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