Bollyn and Family Safe and Well

As Mark Twain wrote, “The report of my death was an exaggeration.”
I am reminded of Twain’s comment due to rash speculation that I have met with an untimely death.

Speculative reports that I and my family are in danger or worse are completely baseless and most unhelpful. I have seen reports on the Internet that go so far as to blame Linda L. Shelton as being involved in my family’s disappearance. This report is completely without any basis in fact. Shelton is a medical doctor, veteran pro se defendant, and anti-corruption activist in Chicago who has been very helpful with my legal predicament in the Cook County Circuit Court.

It should be understood that in order to be able to provide for the safety and welfare of my family I need to exercise discretion and caution. For the time being I will only be posting updates on my website,

It has become very clear during the past year that my enemies and detractors are working for the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith and with agents and media outlets under their control. This international and private Zionist organization operates as a kind of political police within law enforcement agencies throughout the United States. The ADL, however, is part of a criminal Zionist network that has a global reach.

I have been targeted by the ADL and media outlets under their control because of my articles of the past 7 years that have exposed evidence of Zionist involvement in 9-11 and other crimes. CNN, The Jerusalem Post, Ha’aretz, the Chicago Tribune, and the Daily Herald have all published articles meant to defame me and discredit my writings.

My journalism and research has produced evidence and good leads that deserve to be followed up by other 9-11 researchers. Unfortunately, very few have shown any interest in investigating these leads that point to Zionist involvement in 9-11 and the subsequent cover-up by the controlled media and government. I intend to continue my 9-11 research but hope that others would see the need to follow-up on this line of research. Getting to the truth of 9-11 is going to require a concerted effort by a large number of researchers.

I hope to do an Internet radio interview with Eric Hufschmid in the near future and will do so as soon as it is safely possible to do so. I know that Eric understands the predicament I am in and has my best interest at heart. Alarming and speculative reports about my demise are most unhelpful and I sincerely hope that these will be withdrawn and explained.

An independent American investigative journalist