Biochemist – Love is in Our Cells

by CB — ( April 19, 2013

Re. Your article, Outflanking Death
As someone trained in biology and biochemistry, I want to add that even before we come out of the mother’s womb, life and death go hand in hand.

The initial cell that received the information that was going to be you begins to travel through cellular divisions, and  arrives at different stages where parts of the new human body weaved under Divine guidance has to renounce cells.

These parts of tissues, such as the skin between our fingers, or the cells that connect our eyelids, or  the placenta and the umbilical cord–at a certain moment must die, because they finished their task, and became useless.

So it goes with us, as we age, we do not grow physically, and even mentally, and then, as with everything that becomes useless, we have to go away, and leave behind us only some dust and that what we did during our hours of lucidity and potency, good deeds, and bad deeds as well. And the balance for that, only our Creator knows  which were greater.

Nevertheless, I would dare to add that if we persist in making ourselves useful to others, for life, or for a Divine project, then we grow again, just like the old tree that still brings useful fruits to nourish life. It is in spirit, then in motivation and organised thoughts, then in projects and in the fire of action, that we get new life and we may even dare to defy death.

And once the task is finished, if no new motivations come, we say farewell, and go to our eternal destiny, and finally join the Master we served in our journey, in this opportunity that our Creator so lovingly gave us to manifest in the visible world the invisible one; we finally join Him, our Creator, or him, the crafty fallen cherubim that knows his time is short before his final fatal fall.


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