As Fugutive ‘Bomber’ is Captured: My kids were framed, says Boston bombing suspects’ father

News Brief — April 19, 2013

No doubt the Tsarnaev brothers went there in search of the American Dream. As they discovered though, that dream has turned into a nightmare
According to Russia and India Report, the father of the two brothers who are suspected of being behind the Boston Marathon blasts believes they were set up.
An Interfax correspondent managed to talk on the phone with Anzor, the father of Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who are alleged to have carried out the bomb attack on Monday.
“I learned about the incident from TV” he said.
“My opinion is: the special services have framed my children, because they are practicing Muslims.
“Why did they kill Tamerlan? He was supposed to be caught alive. The younger is on the run now. He was a sophomore at a medical school in the U.S. We expected him to come home for vacation. Now I don’t know what’s going to happen.
“Tell you once again: I believe special services have framed my children,” he said.
He may be right.
Adding weight to his argument is the testimony of an FBI agent who said the two suspects stayed at the scene after the blasts. They didn’t depart the Boston Marathon finish line, as one might expect if they had been involved in the bombing.
Instead, unreleased video footage seen by the agent shows that rather than run-away, the two brothers remained at the scene and then walked away “pretty casually“.
That doesn’t sound like terrorists leaving the scene of their crimes. In contrast to operatives of the Private Military Firm The Craft, who hastily departed after the blasts and whom the mainstream media has not even reported on.
Many who knew the brothers are still in disbelief over claims they were involved in the bombing. One former classmate who studied with the younger brother Dzhokhar Tsamaev in Boston, described him as a “sweet guy”.
Rebecca Mazur told reporters that Dzhokhar didn’t fit the profile of a terrorist or a lone nut killer. “He was a familiar part of the community, he didn’t isolate himself,” she said.
Likewise, a neighbour to the suspect said there was absolutely no indication that anything was wrong. Larry Aaronson was reported to have told CNN: “He was a lovely, lovely kid. He was a wonderful kid … he was never in trouble.”.
No, the two brothers have been set up as fall guys. Possibly because from the surveillance footage at the scene of the blasts, they were dressed very similarly to The Craft operatives who were also at the scene.
Making them likely candidates to use as fall guys as cover for the real perpetrators behind the bombings.

Now however the U.S. authorities have an even bigger problem than a few photos of undercover bombers at work. Or a fugitive still on the loose.
The alleged bomber has just been reportedly captured alive. Meaning the whores in the corporate media will now have a job trying to convince us that he was in fact involved in the Boston bombings.

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