Sandy Hook Orchestrated by Obama WH?

via — April 17, 2013

Sandy Hook – What is Known for Sure


The following is a summary of what is definitively known regarding Sandy Hook. In other words, this is information that is incontestable.   All that is said, here, is easy to prove. Let anyone prove it wrong.  Regardless, these facts will prove that Sandy Hook was a fraud perpetrated by elements hostile to the American people.
One purpose of this fraud or scam is to orchestrate new laws for gun control and confiscation. Other reasons are to create increased control and oppression over the American people. The irrefutable facts about Sandy Hook or what might more appropriately be called the Sandy Hook Hoax are as follows:
The common pictures of Adam Lanza, where the whites of his eyes are showing, are not real. Those pictures have been altered through Photoshop. The evidence for this is found on the Website, The proof for this is irrefutable. His face was altered to make him appear menacing.
Gene Rosen is an actor known to play out skits about children. Rosen was caught practicing his lines well before the time of the claim for a shooting. He was the man who said he took six children into protection in his house in the midst of the crisis. This is not true. He can be seen practicing these very lines via overhead camera (via helicopter) in the morning of Dec. 14 sometime before 10:00 a.m. He can also be seen interacting with a TV producer at this time. Also, as has been confirmed by a direct communication, Rosen is a producer on local community TV, CTV. Furthermore, while Rosen was being interviewed by CBS a solar-powered sign could be seen behind him, ordering all actors to “sign in” before entering the secure area.

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