An Open Letter to the Police Commissioner of Boston

Reflections in a Petri Dish — April 17, 2013

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Brother Edward Davis, you don’t know me. I am not a Boston boy, I was born in Jersey City, New Jersey. Typically, I ought to be a Jets or Giants fan, but I like The Patriots. I don’t know what happens when Bellicheck and Brady leaves. That’s the way of the world though, because I used to be a Bear’s fan because I liked Mike Ditka. Loyalties change, can change, over time. We love our sports heroes because we can vicariously live through them. We want to think we could make that pitch, throw that pass, make that run. Sports are sort of a metaphor of life. Sports heroes give us, in action, examples of qualities, we would all like to possess.
Boston is a big part of me, as is the scorpion tail coast all the way to Provincetown. My daughter was born at Beth Israel Hospital. Eating Boston Clam Chowder in Fanuieul Hall, is one of my favorite things.
You are a policeman of high rank. I know all about deals in high places but… I take you as a man of honor and duty and I have walked your streets from Cambridge to Southie. I know how high toned the town can be and I know about The Combat Zone. I’ve been to the soiree and to the slums and then some.
I’m what you might consider an outlaw. I’m not a criminal, I just prefer my own choices of mind medicine to the ones that the corporations push. I understand your position. I know all about quid pro quo. Indeed I do. I know why some things are illegal and why others are not and I also know that the things that are legal, are often more harmful than the things that are not. However, you and I are brothers of a kind. We are both in pursuit of the truth I am not some street junkie or anyone involved in the sale and transfer of such things.
I know you got your districts, like New York does, or did, with Mulberry Street. I know you have a lot on your plate at the moment; probably do at any moment but… someone just thrashed one of your most enduring traditions, The Boston Marathon. It’s the oldest tradition of it’s kind.
It was a surgical strike, professionally delivered but… giving all the appearances of an amateur effort, by some independent operatives with a grudge. The truth is that this was done by a collective, collaboration between Mossad and the CIA and probably including the thoroughly corrupt FBI. This is a continuation of 9/11, 7/7 and the Madrid train station bombings. All of these were also done by the same people. I ask you to read this. Read it carefully through. Don’t dismiss it as tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy nonsense. We are past that point now, are we not? Nothing else makes sense! It’s right there and verifiable on the internet for you to read IF you have the stones to go there. I think you do. There is so much, so very, very much… that points the finger ALWAYS in the same direction.
The truth is, my brother, you are dealing with psychopaths. I understand this phenomena differently than you do. That is why you are a police commissioner and I am a not very successful artist/outlaw. We approach our perspective from different angles. You see things I don’t see and I definitely see things you don’t see. You are constrained by a chain of command. I am a bit more flexible.
Now, my brother, I can through the sheer force of irrefutable evidence, prove my case. You, my brother, unlike Rudolph Giuliani, are not completely compromised. By this, I mean, complicit. I think you have some degree of honor and integrity. There’s something about Boston that brings things out in men where they truly rise to the occasion, or go into the fate of Cardinal Wolsey. There is something about Boston that brings out the best and the worst in people on all kinds of levels. I hope the best comes out of you my brother.
To put it simply and I can prove it out. There is a convincing argument that says, “What happened at the Boston marathon was a false flag action. You will not find your terrorists by shutting down your city and frisking the residents. You need to go look at Mossad and the CIA. You need to look at these intelligence services. You need to ask yourself, is it possible that this behemoth, uncatchable, unkillable; this Jack in the Box, Bin Laden, who won’t stay in his coffin; making Baron Samedi appearances every time ‘there is a need’, might not be just an artistic construct of the same thing again and again: AND THEN it turns to what?
Every time this shit goes down, you round up the usual suspects and put them through the process. Cmon! The catamite mainstream press admits that you are looking in the wrong direction. One of our most trenchant and gifted writers spells out the tone and tenor of the matter. This is not idle chatter and that is an accidental rhyme. You are being played. All the good and decent men in your department are running around looking for something that isn’t there. You are a man of honor. I hear as lot about the police in America these days. Quite often they resemble mindless thugs whose only function is to protect corporate interests. Surely you have seen that the Wall Street Bankers have looted the public wealth. If you don’t go after the real criminals, you spend your hours, watching or chasing people who happen to be around.
This is not a drill. Comprende? It doesn’t occur to you that every time these things happen there is always a drill going on at the same time? Look at the evidence! Every damned time it happens- there is a training exercise or drill. Does 9/11 ring a bell? Some among The Tribe, like the aforementioned writer are trying to change the schematic. We are at the precipice! Stop mugging the public and go after the ones who are trying to turn your world into a prison camp. Arrest your false leaders! Go into their offices and boardrooms, chambers and sessions and arrest them. Those are the criminals. These are the men and women who did and do these things.
“Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty”. Semper Fi! on all levels. I wasn’t a Marine but I am an officer in the Army of God and I am capable of every effort to accomplish it.
What I would ask of you my brother and equal is, do you want to know who did this deed on your turf.
My brother, I believe you would like to step forward but you fear for your family. I will bet there are many high ranking police and less high ranking. I will bet there are many military personnel, high ranking and less ranking. I believe there are many civil servants of high rank and of low rank who think, suspect and some, by this time know and truly believe that they have been deceived. Your worst enemies are not outside. They are inside. They do not care about you. Those of you who serve the people in the corridors of power, now is the hour for all of you to come forward in whatever way you may to shine alight upon the darkness that threatens to swallow us all. I will not fall or fail. You must not fall or fail.
The time has come when we can no longer entertain these vampire beasts upon the neck of the nation. They have looted the till and they mean you ill. Will you simply bend and go down into ignominious subjugation and death or will you rise up and demand a change? If true change cannot come by negotiation then it must be taken back and it can be taken back by stepping back and saying, “I will not kiss your foul hand any longer. I will not sell out my integrity in order to live a life that has no meaning without it. Commissioner, all you commissioners and principalities in high places, please come into the embrace of the unfolding graces. If life is but a mortal dream then there is no need to live your term in chains. You can lift the collar from around your neck. You put it there yourself, the day you swore to uphold all of the things so cherished that they trampled under their feet.
The time has come.
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