Update: Lori Handrahan Fired by American University

Robert Franklin Esq — Fathers and Families Jan 17, 2013

Remember Lori Handrahan?  She’s the dangerous mother who managed for about two years to convince a family court in Maine that she really wasn’t crazy and her husband, Igor Malenko, was abusing their then four-year-old daughter.  Handrahan’s problem though is that she’s just too nutty to hold it together for long.  Her claims that Malenko had touched his daughter inappropriately soon morphed into claims of persistent sexual abuse.  Those turned quickly into allegations of child rape, serial child rape and, in due course, into trafficking the little girl for sex.  Oh, and while he was doing all this, he somehow managed to get the girl hooked on methamphetamine.  The only problem with Handrahan’s increasingly unhinged stories was that there was no evidence for any of them.  Some 21 times she took the little girl to doctors demanding invasive examinations only to be told “Nope, you’re daughter is fine.”
Handrahan’s frustration at being found time and again to be a liar only led her to redouble her efforts.  Soon her imaginary world of child rapists and their conspirators expanded to include Malenko’s attorney against whom she brought a litany of ethics charges before the state authority that regulates the legal profession.  She struck out there too.  The State Bar gave Attorney Michael Waxman a clean bill of health and sent Handrahan on her increasingly frustrated way.
By then, the family court was starting to notice certain things.  One of course was that Handrahan’s claims of abuse were all made up by her for the purpose of keeping the girl’s father out of her life.  The judge also noticed that Handrahan had been diagnosed by one mental health expert as the worst case of narcissism she’d ever seen.  Then there was the fact that Handrahan routinely ignored the court’s orders including the one to stop posting nude photos of her daughter on the Internet.  The proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back was an incident at the child’s school in which Handrahan behaved so bizarrely and abusively toward her daughter (crushing her against a car in the pouring sleet while the child screamed to be allowed to go inside) that the daycare center workers who witnessed it were appalled enough to give affidavits to the court.
The judge, having finally seen the light, transferred custody to Malenko and his new wife where she resides happily to this day.  The judge was so impressed with Handrahan’s behavior that he conditioned any future visitation on her having engaged in a course of psychotherapy that resulted in a personality change.  For those who know about Lori Handrahan, it comes as no surprise that she’s done no such thing; she’s sought no help for her plainly pathological condition.  In her world, everyone’s wrong but her.  Although permitted to do so by the court, she’s also refused to have telephone contact with her daughter.  That’s been going on for almost two years now.
She’s also been ordered to pay child support to Malenko, but, despite being a highly paid university lecturer, she was, at least until recently, far behind on her payments.  Oh yes, and her years of harassment of Malenko netted him a civil judgment by a federal court in the amount of $750,000.
So what’s the latest?  Lori Handrahan has now been fired by American University at which she’d been a lecturer.  That’s two universities that have fired her to my knowledge.  Here’s the email to Handrahan of James Goldgeier, dean of the School of International Relations at American University.
Dear Lori,

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