Boston: Not one improbability but two

Dick Eastman — April 16, 2013

1. Like 9-11, Madrid, and the 7/7 bombings the Boston Marathon also had national defense drills of the same scenario going on as the actual bombings took place.
2. After this chain of coincidences no one in the FBI or homeland security has remarked upon it or considered it a coincidence worth checking out.
My contention is this — if the FBI was both intelligent and non-complicit — they would consider the possibility that a single planner is designing attack to coincide with drills — with a theory, perhaps, that by having the terrorist acts coincide with training the intention is that people will be made to suspect the government of involvement, that is, to raise suspicion that the government is involved.
It is of course tragic that entire lines of suspicion are ruled out by political correctness rather than letting the evidence lead the way.
1, There will be no checking out the possible motives arising from the fact that gun control and anti-terrorist legislation is pending before Congress.
2. Nor of the fact that — as “editor” from an article forwarded from infowars points out: “This is done so that if the compartmentalized operation is exposed the operatives executing the attack can simply claim they were part of the drill.]”
Welcome, to Palestine and Iraq and Syria, privileged of the educational home of the American ruling elite. What goes around comes around.
I suspect the bomb was set off remotely by someone observing from a distance, waiting for the mix of victims to best suit their needs. I would investigate the demographics of those closest and the demographics of groups who statistically should have been represented among the victims of a Boston Marathon crowed, but unexpectedly are absent.
I personally do not think there are two groups in the world today who would do such a thing. But of course my suspects are the ones with will not be considered — which is also a significant datum, when you really stop to think about it.
We who know the truth about all of the false-flag killings of the last 20 years — do not look at this attack on innocent humanity in Boston the same way the pro-war-on-terror neo-con Harvard Law, Brandeis, Boston College faculty and alums do.
You people of Boston — think how you ignored the honest citizen investigators when they told you the truth about Aurora and Sandy Hook — back to 9-11. Why don’t you get with us, who serve truth and justice rather than solidarity with your criminal class for once?
And don’t think for a second that because I say these hard things that I am not as sad for those killed and those maimed — or shaken that the ones who did this operated against us with confidence — gained from 9-11 and hundreds of other operations around the world over time — that they can get away with it. The perpetrators and accomplices of 9-11 appear on mainstream media – especially Murdoch Fox News practically ever day.


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