Too Much of a Coincidence

Earlier this year I wrote that we should expect more staged “terror attacks in the coming weeks and months”. Sure enough, the following day a burning four-wheel drive vehicle was driven into Glasgow airport’s main terminal building.

Actually the whole episode resembled a Keystone Cops caper rather than a terror attack. With the only person injured being one of the two men who drove the blazing Jeep Cherokee into the terminal building. However, it served to underline a supposed “terror threat” coming the day after two car bombs were reportedly found in London.

The car bomb outside the Tiger, Tiger nightclubThe London car bombs actually looked like the work of rank amateurs. Consisting of petrol, propane canisters and nails they were nothing like the truck bombs seen in Iraq and nowhere near as sophisticated.

They were in fact more like stage props: the nearly 60 litres of petrol in one of the vehicles was contained in cans, which were clearly and conveniently labelled for photographers and TV news cameras. The propane was in canisters that may not even have exploded. While the shrapnel – in the form of nails – was scattered on the vehicle’s floor where it would have been next to useless.

As to the detonators: police have yet to acknowledge finding any leading this writer to suspect that there may not even have been any.

Adding to these suspicions, it has been revealed that nightclubs in the area were warned several weeks before the attack that car bombers might target them.

An advice booklet for bars, pubs and nightclubs was produced by the security services and included a section on “vehicle borne improvised explosive devices”. But a Whitehall source said that the booklet’s distribution to clubs just a few weeks before was long-planned and “purely coincidental”.

The 'terror attack' at Glasgow airportSo what we have are two devices that looked like car bombs but weren’t and two idiots who drove a blazing vehicle into an airport terminal building, burning only themselves in the process and no one else. Plus, by pure coincidence, the fact that security services were warning nightclubs and bars in the area where the car bomb was found that they might be targeted by car bombers weeks before they actually were.

All this was then touted by the mainstream media as the looming spectre of “terror” facing modern Britain.

Unfortunately, it was all too reminiscent of last year’s media hue and cry over “liquid bombs” and an alleged terror plot to hijack twelve trans-Atlantic airliners. Remember that? Like so many purported “terror threats” it also came to nothing.
Still this website going down twice in just over two weeks was too much of a coincidence.

Just as a blazing Jeep was being driven into Glasgow airport Saturday afternoon in June, almost on cue, this website was brought down. As if the powers that be view this website as a threat and were attempting to muzzle it.

Perhaps as intended though, these “terror attacks” helped pave the way for the passage of new anti-terror legislation, which Gordon Brown outlined at the beginning of June. Measures include extending the term of detention without trial from twenty-eight days to ninety and allowing judges to use links to “terror” as an aggravating factor in sentencing.

When they were first proposed Liberal Democrat justice spokesman Simon Hughes said Mr Brown would have a “fight on his hands” if he tried to get the “anti-terror” legislation through Parliament. Now however the recent “terror attacks” will make their passage that much easier.

As if to emphasise that the day following the Glasgow Airport attack a controlled explosion took place outside the hospital where one of the suspects was being treated.

The critically ill suspect – the only serious injury from the Glasgow Airport “terror attack” – was being treated in the city’s Royal Alexandra Hospital when a suspicious vehicle was found in the car park.

Army bomb disposal officers were called and part of the hospital was evacuated after a suspicious device was also found on the suspect’s body. The bomb disposal team dealt with the suspicious car and a police spokesman later said the suspicious device on the suspect’s body was not a suicide vest and the car, which was destroyed in a controlled explosion, had not contained explosives.

So we have a “suspicious car” that does not contain explosives but is dealt with by a bomb disposal team and a “suspicious device” worn by a suspected terrorist, which is not a suicide vest.

Yet more smoke and mirrors being used to conjure up what appears to be a “terror threat”?

Only time will tell but it marks an ominous beginning for Brown’s premiership.

As for this website being brought down: coming after weeks of interference with my phones I take it as confirmation of much of what it seeks to expose. This is no longer about “conspiracy theories”, it’s about asking questions and publicising information that is being ignored or suppressed by the mainstream media.

And for anyone contemplating waging Jihad against the West I have only one thing to say: get real. The war you are thinking about waging serves the very powers you oppose and far from aiding Islam it actually assists its enemies.

What we are witnessing in fact is the coming to fruition of a plan first spelled out over 150 years ago by Albert Pike. In a demonically inspired vision he envisaged fomenting three world wars: the first would involve war between the British and Germans and result in the overthrow of Czarist Russia. The second would lead to the foundation of the state of Israel in Palestine – exactly as happened. While the third world war would entail pitting Muslims against Christians and Zionists in a cataclysmic conflict that would result in the enthronement, in Pike’s words, “of the pure doctrine of Lucifer”.

With recent events in London and elsewhere it looks Pike’s plan is exactly on track and about to be fulfilled.