The Janus Anus, The Self Sodomizing Hiatus

Smoking Mirrors — April 13, 2013

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May your noses always vibrate to Ganesha’s trunk.
(Since it appears I will be incommunicado, (which is a small tourist town at the south end of Cozumel) for at least another week, though it may be only ten days, if I really get into gear, I’m tossing in a mid-term Smoking Mirrors, for my latest hiatus …as a kind of an extended Post-it (don’t get me started on the Janus Anus side of the equation), just to let you know I’m still around. This will no doubt please some and dismay others but… that’s how it is for the moment. The book gets done before I come back. That should light a fire under me (grin).)
Well, there he sits beneath a Muslim cap, speaking in that ‘let’s all go back to sleep’ voice; without a single piece of evidence. He’s kind of a cross between Eckhart Tolle and Noam Chomsky. I’m sorry if I disappointed any fans of this kind of thing. I am not a fan of this kind of thing. It’s the curse of my existence to see through this kind of thing and be unable to go back to sleep. I’ve got this thing about evidence. If you are going to claim something, back it up; even if it is only your own experience. I add this in as a bit of a disclaimer, given that I am absolutely certain of the existence of the ineffable but I will support my claim with the testimony of great men and women across the span of millennium, some of whom outdistance me, certainly by this time, by a considerable distance.
I expect corroboration and verifiable detail when claims are made. Telling me that nothing gets into the media unless they let it through and using that as some kind of proof that Anonymous is completely bogus does not impress me. I am more than prepared to accept that this is the case …when I am given convincing proof.
I’m getting pretty tired of this defeatist bullshit that wants to make us believe that we’re all fucked. You may be. I am not. I’m getting tired of being hammered by double agents, witting or unwitting, who want me to believe that every organization, every fellowship, every secret society, are corrupt from top to bottom.. When the ‘occupy’ movement came around, all kinds of people were hot to trot about how it was all yet one more setup …but I know there are legitimate people in that mix and I know there are legitimate people in the Anonymous movement. I know this, so attempting to convince me otherwise is a waste of time.
I am NOT going to operate under the premise that we are doomed backwards and sideways, top to bottom and facing a raging river of boiling, roiling shit in front. I don’t buy it and I’m not going to buy it, you can take that defeatist attitude and stick it where the sun don’t shine, which in your case, pretty much covers every area of your being; your world in darkness.
If you are looking for the real Cointel Pro and Disinfo, look no further than those who try to sell you on the invincible power of The Scumbag brigade. No one in touch with the real, refers to the generative power of the universe as scum? Why do they control the world of pornography in order to debase a sacred process and identify it as so in your mind in order to pervert your perception of yourself? I guess I answered my own question. Why do they seek to diminish your perspective of humanity with the intent of setting you at odds with one another? I guess I answered my own question. Why did they steal your money in order to buy up the media, so as to make you into a debt slave, through controlling the medium of their hideous massage? I guess I answered my own question. Have I answered any of yours?
You see, when you are not inclined to seek after the truth, you hide it from yourself, in order to collaborate with those who oppress you. How did you become so invested in your own destruction? Was it the fear of the terrible shame and embarrassment you would experience once The Truth revealed itself to you? You see, some part of you does know and that is why you are so angry. That is why the focus of your hatred is turned upon those who work on your behalf …because you are too committed to assisting the soulless monsters who have enslaved you. ♫Darkness, Darkness be your pillow♫ …with apologies to Jesse Colin Young for the paraphrase. I can’t sing that song to myself. It doesn’t apply.
You know who the enemies of humanity are; those with no semblance of humanity. It is those who have practiced their dark arts upon the rest of us. Their greatest victory was to make you fear and admire them… to want to be like them, to be incrementally corrupted by them because, since they appear to be successful at what they do, it must be okay somehow. It is not any kind of okay. It is despicable. They grafted their lack of values upon your lack of comprehension, of what real values are. They made you want worthless shit and then they manufactured it to sell to you.
They made you hate yourself for engaging in what, to them, was business as usual. They are not affected by the effects of conscience. They have no conscience. They have no souls. They traded it for the temporary gains of this sphere. It’s the price of doing business here and many people pay that price. This is why the majority of them believe in nothing and the rest figure they’ll be protected by the one they made the arrangement with.
I realize it is easy to get deceived down here and it’s a short skip and a jump from that into fatalism and despair. They count on that. They work it. The general impression making the rounds is that the captive minds are locked down tight, because they control the public’s perception of itself. This is why Mr. Apocalypse has shown up. Nobody messes with Mr. Apocalypse. You might call him ‘a force of Nature’, His impact increases by the hour. As for the tools of the adversary, let’s look at what’s right in front of us. They have exposed themselves, They are acting out in a very public way. They have made themselves vulnerable in the court of world opinion and there is a long record historically that will begin to emerge as Mr. Apocalypse goes tap… tap… tap…upping the volume, increasing their insanity and driving them to ever greater excesses. Even now, the power that has held them up, is lowering them down and they can’t see it. A transfer of power is taking place. They are not allowed to see it. They are as blind as the dupes they manipulate. It is amazing to watch it, from an ‘objective’ standpoint. This means, to me, that the observer has no investment in the outcome, except for the truth. Such a person knows that such a perspective can only benefit them. Many people see the truth as a liability because they are, themselves, false. Of course, the moment you cease to be false, you become real and the truth will protect you instead of hounding you and putting you in ever more difficult circumstances, or even worse, putting you in favorable circumstances, so that you can be made an object lesson; for the purpose of demonstration.
It is the vanity of the species, ♫I am so beautiful to me. Why can’t they see? I’m everything I ever hoped for. I’m everything I need, cause I am so beeeyoutiful to meeeeeee♫…with apologies to Dennis Wilson and Billy Preston for the paraphrasing. Of course, I’m not saying anything new. These things have been said by any number of people …over the course of time. The opposite has been said by everyone who needs to justify what they say and do, to the degree of the severity of the offense, against the good of humanity and the laws of Nature. There is a timeless system in place. It follows cycles. It repeats. What goes around comes around and …just because you can’t see it in operation, over the long stretch, doesn’t mean it isn’t in place and going about its timeless business and why it isn’t seen by the majority of the public, is because that is concealed ‘for the purpose of demonstration (heh heh).
You can only see the truth if you are truthful. Given that this is Kali Yuga, most are false- for the purpose of demonstration but… the alarm is ringing and the opportunity to awaken is there and one can be certain that the point will be made. Then it is simply a matter of what you value that puts a value upon you. You become emblematic of that. Simple logic will prove the truth of this to any and all who have the truth as a factor of value in their existence. No one is making the choices for us. We make the choices ourselves. We might say that various pressures are the determining factors, in what we say and do. Those pressures only exist in terms of the importance we place on things and what those things are that we place an importance on. Sure, there’s more to it but… that comes through in any number of ways, dependent on the objective that is being considered and one’s motivation in the exercise of logic. Logic is a tool. It’s up to you how you use it. We’ve used that example here concerning a hammer. It’s meant for driving nails, that’s its optimum employment. There are all sorts of darker uses it can be put to, depending on how one has twisted their logic, in the support of unreasonable things that go against what is true and real because they allowed themselves to be convinced that the untrue is true and the unreal is real. The truth is not your enemy. It is your best friend, unless you are an enemy to the truth.
There are those who give the orders and there are those who follow the orders and there are those who take their direction from another place. Probably the most important thing anyone can realize is what the ultimate authority is. Who’s in charge? Who’s really in charge?
I know, in these times, one can be easily swayed by ‘appearances’, or can be intimidated by fear or manipulated by appetite but… you don’t have to be. You don’t have to be.
End Transmission…….

Visible sings: ♫ Vanity
‘Vanity’ is track no. 7 of 13 on Visible’s 2007 album ‘The Sacred and The Profane’
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