Voice of the White House June 28, 2007

“It is painfully obvious to us here that the famous “Bush Victory Surge” is not working. Actually, neither is Bush. His defeat on the badly botched immigration bill is just another nail in his coffin and the subpoenas issued against him and Cheney are guaranteed to create a head-on collision with a newly-energized Congress. Bush’s own party loyalists are deserting him like a flood of rats leaping off a sinking ship. However, that having been said, the case of the Vice President is a study in rampant lunacy.

Because Cheney and Bush have huge amounts of criminal behavior to hide, they have gone into a bunker mode and refuse to allow anyone not a member of their inner circle to poke around in dangerous documents. Cheney claims that he is not in the executive branch but might be in the legislative branch; Bush is confused with this babbling madness but is smart enough to stonewall, just like Nixon did…and predictable with the same results. A Departure from the White House to Be With His Family.

Bush is a weak, stubborn and nasty man but Cheney is something else. Not to put too fine a point on it, Cheney is a nut. He is a rabid ideologue, filled with hubris, delusional in the extreme and the de facto President. Bush is psychologically terrified of Cheney, who uses this weakness to dictate his antiquated desires. I know members of his staff and Cheney is a truly terrifying person. He does not yell at people like Bush or use foul language but he hunches over, glaring fiercely over the top of his glasses at anyone who dares to contradict him. Bush is not overly bright but Cheney is very intelligent and having been in the wings for years, now that he is center stage, he has no intention of leaving. In spite of the rampant hostility Cheney has engendered, he doesn’t care a whit and goes on his manic way with all the assurance of a sleepwalker.

The White House is in a major crisis mode, caused entirely by the mental attitudes of both Bush and Cheney. They do not care what the American public, Congress or the courts have to say. They really believe that they are the God-appointed rulers of the United States and violate law and custom at will.

It would be an excellent idea for all concerned to impeach both of them as soon as possible.”

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