The Precious Metals Massacre (Update)

Thomas Beecham — April 12, 2013

What the globalists are doing to Bitcoin, they are doing to gold. Gold just hit, but held the important 1,525 support level this morning. If gold breaks 1,525 it will fall to 1,410 within weeks.
Gold is the most important item to watch with respect to the NWO agenda. I cannot emphasize this enough. The NWO cannot collapse the financial markets until they collapse gold, get our firearms, and get everyone into paper. They are trying to get everyone into the stock market, which will then flash crash – just like their test flash crash in 2010 – in a matter of days. The tent will then be folded up and the new and final satanic solution will be rolled out, with gold confiscated at a lower price.
Gold is the ultimate enemy of the NWO and needs to be handled so much more delicately…

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