Italian illuminati investigated by public prosecutor

In Italy a scandal has finaly unfolded at the beginning of June related to a so called new “secret society” , an irregular masonic illuminati lobby that we have actually have been exposing in illuminati Confessions for many months now. This group of illuminati based in Livorno (Italy) connected to the the Monte Carlo lodge practiced freemasonry under the GLUT (Gran Loggia Unita Tradizionale ) of Luigi Piazza and the Grande Oriente Universale (GOU) of Mauro Lazzeri two puppets of the ex P2 working for Ezio Giunchiglia now investigated by the police that is also investigating in Milan Grand Master Francesco Toti of the Gran Loggia Scozzese indipendente d’Italia. These are dangerous and irregular masonic bodies created to influence public institutions, politics and the judicial and police organizations on behalf of the Vatican illuminati and their American CIA friends like Giorgio Hugo Balestrieri (obviously left out of the investigation).

The public prosecutor of the city of Potenza, Henry John Woodcock, is investigating the case of ” secret masonry” in which 24 people are implicated amongst them the Opus Dei high level member Carlo Maria Baserga owner of Villa Leona the Opus Dei HQ’s in Bologna and Arimeno Sevignani the personal assistant of P2 supremo Ezio Giunchiglia working at times for Rockefeller .Ezio as been “strangely” left out of the police investigation untill now and I know it will be very difficult for Henry John Woodcock to get the real higher level people involved but let’s see. Other members of these irregular lodges created by the illuminati include high-ranking members of ministries and municipal and regional councils, as well as representatives of the political party “Forza Italia! ” and UDC (Christian Democrats.) The masonic meetings and initiations were taking place in the political HQ’s of the political party UDC (ex Democrazia Cristiana) in Livorno, A party traditionaly close to the Vatican and the CIA !

The public prosecutor maintains that the suspects have created a “secret society” similar to a Masonic lodge to commit crimes against the public administration, but I dont think the public prosecutor will manage to go and investigate the Universal Unity of Ezio Giunchiglia and the real puppet masters of the GLUT and the GOU Masonic Obbediences. Puppet Masters that include many so called “regular Freemasons” of the Grande Oriente d’Italia and others of the Gran Loggia d’Italia degli ALAM that are members of the Universal Unity just Grand Masters Lugi Piazza and Lazzeri.

Francesco Murgia (30o A.A.S.R). of the Grande Oriente d’Italia for example is heavly involved with Ezio Giunchglia and he is the co-founder of the Universal Unity illuminati Clubs connected to the Monte Carlo lodge of the P2 the infamous Comitato Monte Carlo. Francesco Murgia his the lawyer of the Savoia Family (The italian royal Family) who is defending the corrupt P2 member Vittorio Emanuele (the son of the last king of Italy) in another case startedmby Henry John Woodcock.

The judicial file already consists of more than 300 pages and has received the name of the “new P-2 lodge” in the meantime another investigation is starting against another Gran Lodge of Freemasons based in San Marino by the public prosecutor De Magistris in Catanzaro. Many big names are involved from the political and the financial field.

So things are moving in Italy against the local illuminati sharks close to the Vatican, and we like to think that our web site as helped to contribute in some way to the latest episodes that are rockin the italian illuminati establishment .

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