Social Capital is Best Store of Wealth

by Abe “in East LA” — ( April 10, 2013

I have a follow up to “Goldbugs Can Expect More Losses.” Many comments asked:  “If the metals aren’t a good investment at present, where they should put their money?” I would suggest that they do what the elites do – build social capital and then start a business.
Social capital is the ONLY true wealth. It is the ability to get cooperation from others. That’s why money works: it facilitates third party cooperation. Any money invested in learning a new language, carpentry, (real) masonry,  or gardening will have a better ROI than Gold or the Dow.
Social capital is THE TRUE SECRET to illuminati-masonic-judaic-secret society power: Really, it’s just simple social capital, i.e. having enough people on the same page to get things done. We should all cultivate it for ourselves as well. A proliferation of openly Christian and ethical fraternal organizations would be the sociological equivalent of free energy.
As for businesses, an LLC corporation can be formed on the cheap in most states, and is only $800 in the most expensive (CA). Just have “consulting” be your business and have your friends and family be your “customers”.
With a business of your own, you can have all your productive and collectible assets passed on to the next generation without an estate tax since no one is inheriting property but merely being placed in charge of the business’ next generation of leadership. Thus, there is no tax on giving your son a job managing the family assets.
Social capital and multiple streams of income, not home ownership or “precious” metals, is how the elites have built the inter generational wealth and attendant political influence that allowed them to monopolize the economic gains from increased productivity and technology. We could all make use of these simple secrets to start leveling the playing field.


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