Voice of the White House June 25, 2007

“Every day, the White House receives large amounts of mail from the public. After the growing death threats are winnowed out, the rest are sent around to various persons for evaluation and possible action. One of the most persistent themes of much of this mail is the public fixation with the 9/11 terrorist attacks. I have not only read thousands of such letters and even checked on the many “factual references” very often supplied for our information. They are mostly the product of overwrought imaginations, coupled with a desire to be an important person. The real “plot” behind 911 was as Brian Harring recently set forth here: What did the senior levels of the Bush administration know and when did they know it? Stories about masked men with explosives, thermite bombs, Russian drones, plasmoid clouds, French missiles, lakes of liquid steel in the basements of the WTC, mystery jets shooting down the plane in Pennsylvania and all the rest of the silly legends are either the product of people craving attention or, even more entertaining, are the result of paid government informants or employees who deliberately spread such manure so as to confuse a public which is certainly not very intelligent and who, collectively, have very short memories. PM magazine did a wonderful analysis of all these bedtime stories but, of course, the True Believers think Judge Chertoff’s “nephew” wrote it! The government is playing the same game with the serious allegations about the deliberate underreporting of U.S. military dead. We see a number of allegedly “authoritative” websites, quoting government figures to prove the government must be right. Of course they are right. If you don’t believe this, why just ask them! Arabs, some of whom were trained, unknowingly of course, by the Mossad which operates openly and freely in this country, took over the planes and crashed them into the WTC and the Pentagon. One crashed while passengers were fighting with the bandits. There were no plasmoid clouds, Russian missiles, trained bombers, thermite bombs, dozens of “gyuaranteed original pictures” of unknown aircraft in the sky (probably taken years after the fact), no death rays, no sinister plots by the Bilderburgers, Bush’s grandmother, the CFR, the Hidden Hand, the Russian mafia, the CIA (who are far too stupid to carry through on such a plot) and no one but Arab terrorists bent on destruction and a desire to frolic with virgins in the Muslim paradise. I hope they get AIDS and between us, there are no virgins left anymore and haven’t been since round doorknobs were invented.”

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