Reader is Transported by Traditional Latin Mass

Wendy Holland — April 9, 2013

One Sunday morning last June, through a sequence of spontaneous events, with no forethought, desire, or planning, I ended up at a Tridentine Mass.  I didn’t know what a Tridentine Mass (Traditional Latin Mass) was; I had never heard of such a thing.  I was raised by a Protestant mother and Catholic father, neither particularly observant, and as a teen in my early seventies fell away from both religions.  The few times I have had occasion to go to a church service, whether Protestant of Catholic, I felt they were “empty”.
Meanwhile, however, I searched high and low for truth:  Buddhism, various forms of mysticism, Carlos Castaneda books, Yogananda, Unity Church, meditation, Baptist Church, Theosophy, Course in Miracles, etc etc etc, and was serious for extended periods about some of them.
And then, last June, the universe intervened and crash landed me in a Traditional Latin Mass.  I felt so disoriented by the experience of the Mass.  My mind couldn’t grasp what was happening and what these people were doing.
By the second week I was attending traditional masses several times a week… and continuing. The Mass unambiguously, unapologetically and powerfully establishes the true relationship of God and man, that is, man is under God.  At first I felt embarrassed to kneel and say words like:  “We praise Thee. We bless Thee.  We adore Thee.  We give Thee thanks for Thy great glory, Lord God, heavenly King.”, my egocentric mind rebelling at this direct acknowledgement of who’s who.  Now, however, these words are humbling and moving because of the truth I feel in them.  This is a real and serious attitude adjustment! I’m not the boss of me.


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