Ladies and Gentlemen, Meet Your New Defense Minister, Atilla Barak

Allow me people to introduce you to Atilla Barak, mass murderer of religious Jews. And yes, Mr. Baumel, he ordered the murder of your son Zecharia . We are grateful you are slowly reaching the truth. Your announcement to not elect Peres President because he is covering up your son’s killing was a grand step forward.

In fact, the order to murder religious soldiers in order to sabotage Menachem Begin’s then-successful invasion of Lebanon, was not Barak’s. Shimon Peres and Yossi Sarid connived with the documents thief Sandy Berger of the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR), then President of the American office of Peace Now, to destroy the war in American eyes.

It was, in fact, Begin’s Defense Minister, Ariel Sharon who destroyed Begin for good. As those who have read my books know, Sharon had founded a left-wing political party called Shlomtzion, in early 1973. He invited Sarid to be his deputy. After emerging as the hero of the Yom Kippur war, in January of 1974, he was invited by Henry Kissinger (CFR) to New York. There a plan was hatched to destroy Begin’s Herut Party by joining Shlomtzion with it and wrecking it as the Likud. Sharon was promised power later if he would only produce a massacre that would ruin Begin and Herut for good. Sharon allowed the Falangist fighters to enter the PLO towns of Sabra and Shatilla and only removed them three days and 800 corpses later.

But let us concentrate on Atilla Barak. He is a coward. Prof. Uri Milstein, as good an Israeli historian as exists, writes that during the Yom Kippur War, Barak refused to enter China Farm and rescue a stranded armor unit. It was just too dangerous. But that’s a hidden fact. The events of Tze’elim exposed Ehud the heartless butcher for all of Israel to see.

In his last act as Prime Minister Rabin’s Chief Of Staff, Barak planned a complicated military exercise at the IDF’s Tze’elim military training ground. His planning went awry as 5 soldiers were killed and 13 were wounded when an errant mortar landed in their position. Sensing that he was in real trouble, Ehud hopped the nearest chopper and flew to Tel Aviv to plan a coverup with Rabin. Yediot Achronot blew his cowardice in his face as soldier after soldier testified to Barak’s irresponsibility if they were nice, cowardice if they spoke from the heart.

But Rabin was ordered to give him political power. So he was trained on how to overcome the scandal and made an aggressive ass of himself in a television interview. The masses bought his lies, but a significant minority, many soldiers and their circles, knew he was a lying weasel. And he survived.

In preparation for his upcoming political career, Barak announced he was going to America to earn some money. Some money, indeed! He landed at Martin Indyk’s Washington Institute For Mid-East Peace where he spent six months getting his marching orders. He returned to Israel and built a new mansion, don’t ask where the money came from. But how he rewarded his financiers! Within days of becoming Prime Minister in 2000, he pulled the IDF out of Lebanon with its tail between its legs, left tanks and intelligence computers behind and worse, left the Christian, Southern Lebanese Army to be arrested and tortured by the Hizbollah.

Which is why no Christian in his right mind will ever trust Israel’s leadership again.

It is no coincidence that within hours of being named Israel’s new Defense Minister that Kiryat Shmoneh was rocketed from Lebanon. This was no random act. It was a reminder that he is in the hands of Israel’s worst enemies. And he got the message.

And now Mr. Baumel, your son.

It was July of 1982, at Sultan Yacob, near the shores of Lake Karoun, Lebanon. Brigade Commander Avigdor Ben Gal left on a Jeep tour with his intelligence officer Mickey Shatz. We owe our information to Shatz who told the magazine Kol Ha’Ir what Atilla did after. Barak, holding a map of Syrian positions, and subsequent reports have future Labor Party leader Amram Mitzneh beside him, ordered a religious tank division into an ambush.

Without orders from his commander, in order to ruin Begin’s victory, he sent the soldiers to their deaths. On purpose. Anything to stop Begin’s success. Twenty three died fighting their way free. Just as many were wounded. And three were taken prisoner including your son, Mr. Baumel, Zecharia.

Mr. Baumel. We met. I told you Barak murdered your son. You let his memory die wasted. This time, find Shatz and Ben Gal. Make your son’s death worthy. Stop Atilla from murdering again.


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