Goldbugs Can Expect More Losses

(Editor’s Note – We are not providing investment counsel but rather presenting one investor’s unconventional view. Make up your own mind.)

by Thom Beecham — April 8, 2013 (

Beecham is a self-employed investor and trader with 17-years trading and investing experience.
The New World Order does not want us owning assets outside its satanic tracking system. It will eventually consume everything, so gold and silver are in the globalists’ cross hairs.
The contrived economic collapse of 2008 allowed the globalists to assume control of all the financial markets. Prior to this, the markets were more free and subject to natural forces. One could use economic principals and simple deductive reasoning to formulate investment theses.
Since 2008,  a brand new set of synthetic economic and financial laws have arisen. Now success in investing and trading relies primarily on a person’s ability to anticipate and interpret official intervention in the marketplace.
In order to get the New World financial dictatorship implemented, all major players and nations need to be on board and operate with one mind.  Countries like China, Russia, and India are working with the US Federal Reserve and European Central Bank to bring this financial tyranny to fruition.
Of course, it will bankrupt the global populace. Keep in mind that a compliant and bankrupt population is much easier to exploit and control.
Those who own precious metals and firearms are not welcome to join the NWO.
Ever since the central banks and governments went off the gold standard, there has been no legitimate reason to confiscate gold. However, in order to bring forth the NWO, the central banks now have two primary jobs. 1) Do whatever it takes to keep interest rates low while countries spend themselves into bankruptcy. 2) Manage the price of gold.
With this in mind it now seems apparent that gold and silver were purposely allowed to rise from 2002-2011, in preparation for a collapse in prices that would trap most people in their “investments.”


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