The Voice of the White House June 22, 2007

”Official Washington is leaking like a rotten garden hose. Hackers have broken into almost all the very secret email systems to include DISA and the CIA allegedly “totally secure” systems. We know someone broke into the DoD systems and downloaded all kinds of highly embarrassing data, such as the real casualty lists, the ruination of most equipment and its non-replacement, military desertions and suicides and so on. Of course the Bush people deliberately deleted all of their sinister emails at the order of Rove, some time ago, but some hacker, or hackers, broke into the RNC and other systems and downloaded tens of thousands of highly compromising emails. Will these ever surface? Will anyone care? There is a growing grassroots movement to oust Bush and Cheney from the White House but George is too busy listening to God talking to him to pay much attention. Cheney thinks he is God and no one dares to tell him different. Thank God for turkey basters for without them, he wouldn’t be a grandpa!”

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