“Enviromentalists” Discuss Carbon, Not Chemtrails

by Chemtrails Vancouver — (henrymakow.com) April 6, 2013

First of all,  thank you to the handful of people from our chemtrail group who showed up. The house was full, myself and Tony got balcony seats.
Last night, after sitting through mind bending propaganda about global warming from a panel of five local political candidates and three invited guests, I have one advice for you all. Work harder!
From the reaction of the audience, I may be the only one who hates being taxed. All five candidates proposed implementing annual increases to Carbon Tax. Currently, if you pay for gas heating, you are being charged 15% for Carbon Tax. Not to mention that anytime you purchase anything from retails shops or pay for services from a local business, you are paying a bit of their Carbon Tax too.
Not one peep out of the crowd, just lots of clapping and cheering for more taxation.

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