Anonymous, are They Real? We Shall See

Reflections in a Petri Dish — April 6, 2013

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It certainly is amazing what those energy companies get away with. Yes, it beggars the imagination; what they do and how they get away with it. There’s a comparative moral here, or should I call it a comparative immoral? It seems that the more obscene the profits, the more obscene the behavior. The more depraved the monster, the more monstrously the monster behaves. The stupider the people, drowning in material excess, or more so these days, suffocating in the absence of material needs, the greater the liberties taken by the monsters among us.
Anonymous says that they are going after Israel on April 7th. Here is what they say:

“Good morning. In less than 3 days, elite cyber-squadrons here at #OpIsrael will join others from around the world, and we will be launching the largest internet battle in the history of mankind. Mankind. With the invention of the internet, that word should have new meaning for all of us today. We can’t be consumed by our petty differences any more. We will be united in our common interest. We will once again be fighting for freedom. Freedom from tyranny, oppression, persecution, and from annihilation. We’re fighting for our right to live, to exist, and should we win the day, April 7th will be known as the day when the world declared in one voice, ‘We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight! We’re going to live on, we’re going to survive.”

Israel, on April 7, Expect Us’

I’m told this quote is taken from one of the worst movies I ever saw, “Independence Day”. The scene with Judd Hirsch in it (leading some kind of Kumbaya, pro-Tribe, Circle Jerk) as a direct pandering to the Synagogue of Satan made my skin crawl. That is neither here nor there. I know nothing about Anonymous. Many people are mistrustful of them, though I don’t know what their basis for that is, since nothing has been proven or documented that they are the same as Wiki-Leaks and the odious Julian Assange. If they are just one more example of the controlled opposition then… why are they promising to strike Israel? If they don’t then they out themselves and if they do… Hmmm? I’m choosing to be optimistic. I suppose that could translate into delusional as well but… I like to think on the side of ‘angels unseen’. I happen to know that there are many radical and discerning minds in the reverse engineering, so called hacker environment. They don’t take easily to government or corporate control. Why shouldn’t there be a collective of ‘V’s appearing out of the woodwork?
Sooner of later the cavalry has to arrive, or are we as doomed as some say we are, or would lead us to believe? I threw my lot in with the rarefied unseen. That might have been propitious on my part, or, once again, delusional. Time will tell and we shall see. We shall see about ‘Anonymous’ as well.
Maybe I just want to believe. I haven’t gotten any definitive hits yet that Anonymous is not what they present themselves as so… I will give them the benefit of the doubt. My sources; once again, solidly present, or delusional, tell me that there is a golden age coming in the aftermath of sweeping change. This sweeping change is going to be horrific in places and almost nonexistent in others. It depends on the lifestyle being demonstrated in each locale.
I’m told that the bad guys and their institutions are going down. I’m told that the specter of their power is a substance-less illusion and only appearing as it does, for the the purpose of creating mind slaves, who do their bidding out of fear, or the hope of some temporary gain.
If we are not light bringers, we are in dark waters. There are some sick and ugly creatures around us, plying their wares. This skell and his delightful family are an example of how twisted people can get. It is almost as if we have gone back in time several hundred years to scenes like this. Meanwhile things aren’t going so well where they used to go without a problem, in the process of creating problems. Yes, strange things are happening and these things are similar to the kinds of things Anonymous promises. If you’re real Anonymous, consider me an ally and a friend.
I choose to assume the position of “I don’t know’, until things unknown reveal themselves …and they will, sooner or later. We now know that Julian Assange is a tool and that Wiki-leaks is a CIA operation.. We know that Alex Jones, Chomsky and Greg Palast are tools. We do not yet know if Anonymous is a tool and until we do, the jury should be out; ‘By their works ye shall know them’.
We’ve had little but bad news for some time. We have grown accustomed to it. We have adapted to it. This continuous bad news has taken hold of our perceptions and put us under the influence of managed perceptions. This had made us unconscious and unwitting participants, in our own prisons of submission to bad information. We have succumbed to the intoxications of the negative. It’s not much fun is it? Can we not say that The Sun is the most positive power we know of? Has it not been declared by the wise, across the centuries, that we have an internal sun within us? Is bad a greater force than good? Is that possible, according to the laws of physics? Do we even know what bad and good are? What seemed bad, frightening and threatening at one point, turned into something good at another point. Consider the terror experienced by the primitive at the appearance of thunder and lightning, how they trembled and sought to propitiate the gods that they presumed were expressing themselves through these forces. Later on up the road we had electricity and all of the changes that brought.
It’s possible that the laws of physics are only a surface presentation of what is really so. In the realm of metaphysics, other realities might well apply. It could be that things are exactly what you believe them to be and that is why the manipulation of people’s perceptions is such a big deal for the dark side. What they tell you is a lie because they are dependent exclusively on lies to further their agenda. This is why they bought the media, entertainment and publishing worlds, with money printed out of thin air because your political representatives gave them this power for a promise of a portion of the swag. They bought everything up with counterfeit money.
There are several ways to look at all of this. You can presume what they want you to think, which is that they are too powerful to stop and that you should just go along with the program and live off the crumbs that fall from their feasting tables, until they decide you should be eliminated from the process or… you could have an unshakeable confidence that all of this is for the ‘purpose of demonstration’ and that ‘everything is under control’, for that very purpose. You can just assume that all these high flying fools are being set up for a monumental fall and that the only ones accompanying them into their enduring ignominy, will be those who bought into the bullshit they peddled.
I can’t inject the requisite faith and certitude into a barren location; short of a miracle, no one can, You have to be receptive and willing. You have to be a part of the dynamic in order for the dynamic to manifest. If you are not inclined toward the positive; motivated toward the positive, you are automatically routed to the negative. There are all kinds of slackers. It’s easy to fall into the general mindset. People are weak, don’t know who they are and believe there is safety in a crowd. In times of materialism, the force of desire and the imperatives of appetite, set the tone for the world we live in but they do not have to set the tone for those who have determined they will not go down like a beast to the grave.
It’s a personal thing. It is up to us whether we step away from the machinery of our persistent servitude or whether we are milked dry and then tossed aside as drained and desiccated husks. If you are trying to find and or maintain a place in the old world, you will meet the fate of the old world. Where your treasures are is the magnetic destiny of your fate.
Good luck and may good fortune guide your way.
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The Dreams of Appetite
fast asleep
coiled at the base of life

the love of self and its reflection-

the dreams of appetite…

twined one about the other

one and the same

endless longing for expression

and absorbing

to be reabsorbed and born again
like Nicodemus

the mind asks stupid questions


the unknown

is just that
and the reality of things always

more simple than we can understand


amidst the clamoring of-
the dreams of appetite
oh…for what a length of time…

with nothing to measure itself against

except itself

and emptiness


the grand empyrean arched

and bottomless

from which falls

the fiery rain
there in the cauldron of confused

and ever changing shape

came forth whatever was wrought

by fear and delight
fantastic beasts

and languorous Venusian witch

to dance

amidst the purity and squalor of-
the dreams of appetite
where is the solid ground?

swallowing sands swell the invisible winds

and serpentine funnels race

through the carnival ruins of

the wreckage left

from the battle for survival in-
dreams of appetite

how we mourn the passing of the patterns

in the kaleidoscopes twist

what special meaning has any one-

among all the rest?
when the colors go

only the backing screen remains

that…is the sum of it….

…across the face of which

parade the wizards and fools who

pursue the mist.

a temporary focus

and uneasy sleep


In dreams of appetite

nowhere to stop

to stop is to forget

beyond galaxies and

beyond that…
homeward past bright angels

whose work is to refine

all circumstance and substance…
guardians of the soul

at that fearsome banquet-

the featureless night

the black table upon which are served-
the dreams of appetite
bardo upon bardo

from Paris to Tibet
elusive spirals

the upward swing into illuminated rooms

where imagination serves us best

but cannot prepare us for

the splendorous rites

performed by those abstaining from-
The dreams of appetite…

far in the unremembered past

there is a music like coursing blood

a shine without shadow

a milk of self forgetting

a rising, rushing wind of living song

it is the provocation of all longing

the unknown source of every want

to be achieved in silence

under lustrous love-hewn stars


silence has

prevailed upon the world

with all it’s might
whatever world there may have been-

in dreams of appetite…

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