Watching Sick City Disappear in my Rear View Mirror

Smoking Mirrors — April 5, 2013

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(I am a little dismayed and a tad disturbed that there are some readers who actually thought I was serious about entering into a relationship with that psycho-slut, who was illustrated in the most recent Petri Dish. I now no longer find it all that hard to believe that some people accept everything they are told, especially if it reflects badly on me (grin). Ah well…)
The key feature to look for and be aware of in these hours is, ‘reckless and unbridled insanity’. This can come in different forms from ridiculous and embarrassing, to malicious and threatening. Here’s an example of the first kind. I’d like to add that regardless of both of these men being overblown caricatures of themselves, a bet is a bet. You don’t later say you were joking. Random shootings, the murders of ‘connected’ employees of various agencies and the insane public theft of public monies from anyone and everyone by those who have already stolen more than they could every spend, is an example of the other.
Here’s an example of truly twisted insanity. If you click on the guys photo, you get a nice blowup and you can look into his eyes. Remember the Nietzsche quote about looking overlong into the abyss. Then there is that enduring cesspit in America, whose members wear t-shirts that says, “8 is too late”. This kind of thing is a routine Fantasy Island for Central Bankers and their ilk, in many fields of endeavor. You see, once you get to a certain level of doing evil, you start to do it for the sheer joy of it. You seek out ways in order to vilify your soul and destroy any remaining personal qualities that might have some taint of goodness upon them; Kissinger, Rockefeller, the Rothschilds, the Koch Brothers, Sheldon Adelson and sundry, are all examples of this, along with their tools like David Cameron, false front Hollande, Madame LeGarde, which almost rhymes with Dufarge, Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Bwak! Obama, the Clintons and many others. They’re all residents of Sick City.
Then there are the ironically insane, like these characters, who go under the title of ethicists. In these times people, conditions and events are all identified and labeled as their opposites, just like in the novel 1984; ‘war is peace’, ‘freedom is slavery’. You get the idea.
There’s also the sad and pathetic form of insanity, like that exampled by Alex Jones. Anyone who was still on the fence about him shouldn’t be anymore after this. Some upcoming declarations by Alex might be that the Native Americans control the music business and the publishing market is in the hands of some mean assed Maldivians. It’s not going to be too long before Alex’s head explodes, or simply unscrews itself and float’s away like a Mylar balloon. Let’s not overlook a few of the other vultures in the Gatekeeper camp, like Chomsky and Greg Palast, both of them are 9/11 truth deniers who want to stay on the right side of their Israeli paymasters. Chomsky even goes so far as to say that it doesn’t matter who did 9/11. There needs to be a highly trafficked blog called “The Wall of Shame”, where a bio and litany of the crimes of such men and women are listed, next to a picture of them.
It’s rare when you see the other side of the equation such as in the case of Philip Giraldi, who by some strange twist of fate, managed to hold on to his integrity and honor. The names of these exceptions are all too few. For some reason, the possession of real courage, conviction, honor and integrity, are considered to be liabilities for the upwardly mobile, who are actually on an Escher like conveyance where, though they appear to be going up, are actually going down. It’s some kind of weird trick of vision. First the perceptions are compromised and then the senses fall into line. When one scans the tabloids (which I seldom do) one sees a large population of pawns, cavorting in toxic pools of vanity and self adulation. They’ve got the sweet life on a string, ♫sitting on a rainbow, got the string around their fingers♫ They live their oh so public lives, from within their private shells, dancing under the influence of poisonous intoxications. They are mad. They are all mad and… because they are the norm and because the pornographic Zionist press owns the mediums of information, the general public accepts it all as being reality. The Zionists also own the pornography empire as well, juxtaposed with their control of all alternative sexual organizations, control of the largest and most powerful atheist society and the art world where they own over 90% of the galleries, so they can determine what sort of offense and puerile efforts constitute art in this age of depravity; that would be the sort of age they would flourish in. They control all kinds of things. Now all of this is provably true and one doesn’t have to go to any great lengths to prove it. Of course, there needs to be a motivation to know the truth; few want that heavy liability.
Remember how it works, first you lie to yourself in order to pursue the path of self-interest and then you lie to others in order to facilitate it. This puts you at the mercy of those who feed off of the industry of self interest. The money changers rule most everyone’s access to the fulfillment of the dreams of self-interest, so both your ambitions and your moral compass, are hijacked somewhere along the way. For most this is perfectly acceptable. As long as you have a place at the trough and can stand behind the velvet ropes, with the rest of the privileged and doomed, it’s all good. Later will take care of later; you bet it will. You bet it will.
Things are turning about in various circles because the runaway freaks can’t seem to stop themselves. For the moment, the boys in the back are simply throwing the little fish under the bus. The thing is, that’s not going to satisfy the cosmic imperative. What the long entrenched vampires and parasites don’t get is that eventually there comes a time when they get dealt with and that time is here. In the past, all they had to do was mess up the economic system, such as happened in the 30’s in the US. They could also cause a major war and feed on the chaos, while the populations died in them.
I have certainly given you much to study and ponder over. You can argue over the details presented here but it won’t do you any good. These things are all true, just as some of the biggest and universally accepted lies in the world are not true. People come to an impasse in their minds, trying to comprehend how there could be such monsters in our midst. They can’t get their heads around how anyone could come to be like these fiends and casually slaughter millions, without a flicker of conscience anywhere along the way. You’re not dealing with human beings here. You are dealing with demons from the pit, who have taken over these human forms, often at the invitation of the original owner, in exchange for a share in the dark delights of such accomplishments.
You don’t get to the place where you can countenance such considerations in one lifetime. You have to be determined and persistent, just as are those headed in the opposite direction. They have their guides, just as do the others. It comes down to what you value and what you are willing to give up in order to achieve it; whatever it may be. Sometimes you come into a life with such a drive to a particular end that you are incapable of taking any alternative route. Every event in your life is turned toward the object of this drive. No other options succeed to any degree. One is always forced back on to the original path. Such is the case with myself and, no doubt, with some of the readers as well. For a time we look at the inconsistencies of our existence and our failure to accomplish very much in terms of distinguishing ourselves one way or another. This can depress and confuse us but… sooner or later, we realize, due to the descent of a greater awareness, that real success was something entirely different from what we might have imagined it to be at another time.
This is why I hammer on ‘for the purpose of demonstration’ and ‘everything is under control’. These are the real bookends of existence. Acknowledging the reality of these statements, composing the parameters of our state, leads us much more quickly to our ultimate goal. There is a great deal more to realize and achieve than the tawdry trinkets and tin-horn titles of plastic Ken and Barbie World. For some reason, massive crowds flock to the entryways of treacle land. They all want to be dipped in caramel and displayed in some toney shop window. Unfortunately, that’s not caramel but there’s no accounting for taste or the degree of deception that operates down here.
The possession of tranquility and serenity, so far outclass the possession of most everything else, that you can’t even see everything else from there. That might well be one of the things that tranquility and serenity rely on for residence within you. We live and move in a perfect orchestration. If we can’t see that then there is something we are not amenable to and we had better acquire amendable before something else acquires us. These are very, very important times. A certain gravitas in our awareness would not be unwelcome.
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There will be a radio broadcast Sunday night.
I’d like to introduce you to a colorful character, a gifted artist named Vladimir Kato. If you go into his photos and click on  ‘albums’ you will see some of his work. I dined with him in Romania when I was there and  he was most hospitable, engaging and entertaining in a really old school way.


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