Voice of the White House June 14, 2007

“What will the epitaph of the United States be? Missed chances is a good choice. When Soviet Russia imploded, we had the chance to befriend our former enemies and help them develop their vast natural resources. Instead, we pushed a drunken Yeltsin, who was one of the CIAs trained monkeys, into office with the idea that he would let American and British oil people get control of Russian oil and gas, loot it and give the Russians nothing. It didn’t work, due largely to the clever Putin who is certainly not our man. China is a fast growing economic entity and we could also have formed working partnerships with them and on a business level, we did but on a political level, we have sniped at them for decades. In its foreign politics, the United States is woefully inadequate and the Bush attack on Iraq has proven what everyone acquainted with that country knew would be a disaster. Far too little and far too late. We got rid of Saddam, who at the least was keeping things in order, and now we have terrible sectarian violence that will set the entire country on fire and burn up our young soldiers in the process. The Neocons have pushed for more and more support of Israel, to our detriment, and so destabilized a potentially dangerous region, that our grand-chldrern will curse anything with the name of Bush. The Saudis are running out of oil but Russia is not so instead of trying to make nice with Putin, the crazy Cheney (who runs the show) puts missiles on Russia’s borders and further worsens the situation. We support the Iraqi Kurds because they control oil in northern Iraq but this enrages the Turks who threaten to invade the area because the Kurds are crossing their mutual border and murdering Turks. Bush can do nothing about this other than to order our media to shut up about it. Our dear friend, the head of Pakistan, a brutal military dictator, is about to be overthrown and, probably, replaced with another fanatic Muslim religious government who will certainly not be friendly to the United States. It should be pointed out that Pakistan has atomic bombs, probably far, far more than the mythic stockpiles of Israel and one of these days, some city in the west, be it New York, Washington or Chicago will experience the Moment of Light. Trying to establish friend relations with potential enemies is not the way the Neocons, or the Bush people, operate. These vicious people are drawing a bill on America’s future, one that is certain to be presented and paid.”

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