Is Bin Laden Still Alive and Living in the U.S.?

Internet Absurdity: Bin Laden Listed at FOX Headquarters
Justin Rood – ABC News June 7, 2007

An Ohio man says he has located Osama bin Laden in the United States and wants to claim the U.S. government’s $25 million reward.

Using an online person search built from phone directories and other public records, Thomas Potter of Olmsted Falls, Ohio, turned up three listings for “Usama bin Laden.”

The first listing put the al Qaeda leader at the California headquarters of media giant FOX Entertainment Group. The second placed bin Laden in the office of a Bethesda, Md., Internet firm owned by the son of a former Defense Department official. And the third pinpointed bin Laden’s secret hideout as an unidentified location in Hermitage, Tenn.

A self-described “househusband” and 9/11 skeptic – “I am not a 9/11 conspiracy theorist,” he says, “I just do not believe a word of the government’s 9/11 conspiracy theory” – Potter made his discovery this Sunday morning, as part of what he calls a years-long research effort to debunk the “official” version of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.

Now, Potter says the government owes him the massive reward it promises to anyone with information leading to the capture of Osama bin Laden.

“I understand that the FBI is offering $25 million,” Potter wrote in an e-mail to the Department of Justice, alerting them to his findings. “I would like to know if the reward is tax free and if I could please receive it in cash.”

Calls to FOX and the Bethesda Internet firm failed to turn up America’s most wanted terrorist.

“There’s no Osama that works here. Obviously, this is some sort of a prank,” FOX spokesman Scott Grogan told the Blotter on

“Unfortunately, I don’t” have Osama bin Laden on the payroll, Phil Schmitz of Bethesda Interactive Solutions told “I’m sure you wouldn’t be the first person to call me if I did.”

Schmitz confirmed his father, Joseph, was the top Pentagon watchdog from 2002 to 2005. Joseph Schmitz then joined the Prince Group, which owns the private security contractor Blackwater USA.

“I promise you this has no relation to that,” Schmitz said of his father’s activities.

So how did bin Laden come to be associated with the two companies in the massive database? It’s something of a mystery.

The site does not allow the public to add or amend entries in its database, although individuals can ask to have their information removed.

In an e-mail statement, the company told only that their listings “originate from publicly available local telephone records and other public information sources.” It declined to disclose any further information.

The search page result before it was removed.
Shortly after contacted, a search for “Usama Laden,” the term Potter used, on the company’s site returned only the Tennessee location for “Usama bin Laden.” No phone number accompanies that listing.

Is Bin Laden Still Alive and Living in the U.S.?
News Commentary – June 14, 2007

Despite attempts to write off the idea that bin Laden is still alive this website isn’t quite ready to do so. The reason comes from a psychic friend who has proved to be right too often in the past to be ignored.

He accurately foresaw the invasion of Iraq long before anyone had even dreamt of it. He also foresaw the current bloody mess that it turned into while the mainstream media was still celebrating a relatively easy invasion and the fall of Saddam.

Much has changed since then and this writer would have also once dismissed the idea that Bin Laden was still alive had not our friend cautioned otherwise.

He claimed to have seen Bin Laden quite recently somewhere in North America, and here it starts to get intriguing as he ‘saw’ bin Laden in some sort of high tech underground military installation with soldiers who were NOT conventional American troops.

Their insignia and military emblems were not recognisable as belonging to any known national military formation, he said. Indicating that they were perhaps the forerunner of some sort of true international military force: the New World Order’s own dedicated army maybe?

Whatever the case the real bin Laden, a former CIA asset and the purported “mastermind” behind 9/11 may have been kept on hold for further N.W.O. psyops.

As to “Internet Absurdity”? Well it’s no more absurd than the idea that a terrorist in a cave in Afghanistan could oversee the penetration of sophisticated U.S. air defences and mastermind the collapse towering skyscrapers together with worldwide financial markets.