Normalising Tyranny

Rebel of Oz – April 2, 2013

Some Canadian closet-Democrat tried to lecture me today that I shouldn’t call Obama evil. If I disagreed with his policies I should say so, not call him evil. My reply to her and all the other brain-dead political correctness zombots is, I don’t disagree with Obama. I detest him for ‘normalizing’ tyranny.
How many more countries does Obama need to rape and pillage, by how many more trillions does he need to in-debt his people, how many more laws does he need to pass eroding the Constitution and Bills of Rights, how many more US citizens does he need to torture, kill extra-judicially, or arrest without trial, how many more billions does he need to transfer to Israel in spite of their well-known terrorist and genocidal record, how many more countries does he need to bomb into the stone-age or cripple economically, how many more times does he need to let white-collar criminals get away scott free with their multibillion heists, how much longer does he need to allow the likes of Monsanto to poison mankind with their cancer and sterility causing GMO produce, and how much longer does he have to spray the world’s soil and atmosphere with bromide, aluminum and mercury aerosols, until the Obama lovers realize that the object of their adoration is the most evil man ever residing at the White House?
What sets Obama aside from his predecessors, as bad as they might have been, is not only the severity of the damage he is causing, but his utter contempt for the laws of his country. He doesn’t even bother to keep up the appearance of a democracy. He openly rules as a dictator issuing ‘executive orders’ whenever he can’t agree with the whores in congress on their price for passing his next unconstitutional law.
Mankind has reached a point where we can no longer afford wasting time with small talk and courteous niceties. Every day, every minute counts. People who don’t want to be part of the solution are part of the problem. There will be a day in the not so distant future where they will have a lot of explaining to do.

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