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Smoking Mirrors – April 2, 2013

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May your noses always smell the Plumeria, even if you are in Norway.
I know a place (it is the highest note above the keening of the wind-grin). I wonder if there’s a rule against quoting yourself? Or if, technically, it’s okay for a question mark to go after that last sentence (grin again)? End digression…
I know a place; several some-wheres actually, where the living is cheap and ♫the living is easy♫ I don’t know about jumping fish, although I do have a passing familiarity with being high. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I haven’t engaged those gears in awhile. I wonder what’s going on up there at the moment? I wonder because… there’s a lot going on down here at the moment. This is guaranteed to piss some people off and make everyone else very uneasy and “I’ll guaran-damn-t it” (bonus points if you know the film that came from).
I know a place where you can live free and not die, not right away that is. I know a place where life is in bloom and where you are in the bud but… short of good water and benevolent sunlight and… you can take that to the bank; yes, even in times like this. I know a place where, for an investment of 100,000 dollars, in some business or what have you, or, by purchasing a house or land in excess of 200,000 dollars in value, you get automatic residency.
I understand that few of you have either amount, though I KNOW some of you do. However 20 of us can come up with that no sweat and then work out the details of how to get everyone cleared on residency; that always works out if you know the right people and- as a failsafe- you have a port for back and forth in a nearby country, until it all gets worked out; visible has done the research so…
I am writing this today as part of my six month program, “Save your Ass”. Now, of course, the reader knows that I am less concerned with that portion of myself than I am with a more rarefied portion of my being but… sometimes, saving the party of the first part, grants the time to make conversation with the party of the second part and… I assure you that is definitely on the menu in this place I know.
This place is directly aligned with the Kundalini of the planet and certain august personages have already declared it to be” The New Tibet”. Rumors and legends abound, concerning an order of beings of high consciousness to be resident in these environs. Spanish is the easiest language of all to learn. Night time ear-buds grant subliminal programming, which enhances ones daytime investments.
The reason for the “Save your Ass” program is due to an increasing sense of fatalism on the part of a growing number of readers and… skilled as I am in demographics, I know that this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of worrying about Goldberg and his minions, along with all of his kept and neutered servants and pets. I am not in despair. I’m brimming with optimism and enthusiasm and you should be too but… what is it that those of you in despair do not possess that I do possess (along with a certain number of the rest of you)? We possess a certitude of destination, along with a security of way stations, filled with all needed transitions that insure a hearty welcome at the final port of call; not that any port of call is final because that takes away all kinds of things that make existence worthwhile and enjoyable. Since you can never plumb the depths, or scale the heights of what I like to call Love; which is the primary motive engine of existence, both its source and its goal, you are not likely to get bored or ever come to the end of it because it is infinite and limitless.
Environment has a lot to do with people’s state of mind. This is one reason a large portion of those able to do so, take vacations to sunny climes in order to recharge their batteries, reflect on their lives or ♫party like it’s 1999♫ That’s the year I migrated and it will be right close to the time of year as that when I migrate again.
Okay, let’s investigate the uncertainty principle; not you Heisenberg. What’s Visible’s angle on this? It’s nothing more than giving your ass peace of mind. I don’t need any of you to do this. It’s already a fait accompli for me and less hassle overall anyway; possibly even much less hassle. Over time some number of people have lost faith in me. This is as it should be and the means used to achieve this were intentional. Some have stayed the course. This is as it should be too. Continuing…
I and others are already brainstorming forms of economic solvency and not in a small way. Am I a deranged individual? People who have spent any time around me in the long term would dispute that and I don’t know how many times I have to say, “for the purpose of demonstration”. Some might think that’s a convenient out for me but the lion’s share of information that anyone possesses about the life and times of Visible, you got from me. My job at this juncture is not to attempt to disabuse you of anything. You will think what you like until that changes or doesn’t. I rest my case with unshakeable permanence on; “We shall see” and on that account we can be certain. Okay, that’s out of the way. Details will be sorted when the need appears.
Let us consider your own level of economic solvency, or lack thereof. Those in lack are not using their Creative Imagination and I suggest you see:


…about that.
I am convinced of this power and exercise it now and again with palpable results. You can begin to make serious coin commensurate with your abilities at any time. I’ll just provide one example and a small philosophical tailer. Ebay provides you a medium that many others are using, with various levels of success. In some cases this is huge. To prove this out you need only explore the site and any search engine will give you more examples than you can read. You can sell anything on Ebay just about, except for Tribe inspired memorabilia and a few other things. This is where the Creative Imagination comes into play (for some reason her dress is not green). If you’re not making bucks, you’re not applying yourself. You got six months on my clock. I don’t know what it says on the watch of the cosmos. I can’t provide anything in the way of anything for you upon arrival, so far as I know at this point, except encouragement and certain techniques. Some of you already have these.
If you want an out and a whole new situation, in which to explore what you came here for, that’s feasible. I will do this and you can too. We all know that critical mass is approaching and we know that one of the most violent battlefields will be the United States. They intend this. It’s a given that the dynamics can change at any time. The miraculous can occur. There could be a coup. For all I know, flying saucers will appear in the sky and dispense galactic justice on the more viral aspects of the Tribe and those who work for them. They worship a God who hungers for blood and… providing that, they gain certain occult powers. It’s how it works. Those who serve and/or curry favor with the infernal regions, know what the coin of the realm is. One might profit from studying the martyring process of Avatars by contrast. All kinds of information is readily available for those with the stones and industry to look into the well and into the mirror.
Anyway, the “Save your Ass” program begins today and encompasses all sorts of choices, not necessarily my own. Encouragement is here for whatever ideal you begin to focus upon, ‘with a will’. “Avast ye scum, (whack! Sounds of whips falling) put yer backs into it”! I can proffer no invite from my own source but I can definitely work on options as I go. I suggest if you want to come along that you get a TEFL certificate and probe the various universities that offer a degree for life experience. Given a passable acquaintance with Spanish (and the aforementioned) you can make upwards of 20,000 Euro a year (not paid in Euro but researched in that currency from my end). You can live very well on half that and perks are usually included.
The internet is flush with money making opportunities, not all of them are bogus and you can read impartial reviews about any of them. There are books for sale and for free, that diagram how to go about the process of making money through Ebay …and other options exist as well. Plenty of people are doing these things and doing plenty well as a result. You can read all about it if you want to. You can do your own searches; prove it out or refute it! I suggest that each of you reading my pitch, observe and analyze their hesitation, resistance and enthusiasm for what has been said here. “The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step”. You don’t have to come where I am. You can even find a place in your own country. You can find communities looking for able and willing hearts and hands. Don’t be a dullard who lets their light go out. Don’t buy into the atmosphere of despair that is being broadcast through the ethers and airwaves. Recognizing the existence of these is the first step toward counteracting them. You have access to a power that is far greater than that which oppresses you. Make contact. Open a channel! I am speaking from verified experience on these matters and so have many another through time.
The only difference between yourself and a truly exceptional person is their belief in their abilities and their willingness to act on and with them. They also have vision. They can see it in their minds. Anything you can clearly visualize is already a reality on the plane it precipitates down from. We’re talking about cosmic law here and many have proven it. This you can research as well. I recommend the works of Ernest Holmes (don’t go ordering books from this location, I think that feature of the site is down) if you are having trouble revving your engine, or can’t find where you would like to think you are headed on the map, because it is blurry or lacking in detail. At this site are some number of articles from Holmes that are very useful in bringing certain practices clearly into your mind. This fellow walked the talk. I am somewhat familiar with his life. Step on the Gas and Get it in gear and get out of there to anywhere you can imagine yourself to be.
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