What is Love?

Henry Makow Ph.D. – henrymakow.com March 31, 2013

Recently I lit a yahrzeit candle to commemorate the thirtieth anniversary of my mother’s death. This is the only Jewish observance I keep. The candle burned for about 36 hours and then the little jar sat dark and empty.
It seemed to symbolize her life, indeed life itself. The flame burns for a limited time and after, only a lifeless shell remains.
I think of what my mother’s spirit meant to me. Her selfless devotion to her family makes me tear up.
I am swamped with negativity daily; it’s hard to express love for my fellow man, let alone my immediate family.
I feel so helpless in the face of the satanic conspiracy that I forget I still have power over my personal life. I use the world as distraction and excuse.
The battle with the forces of evil isn’t only taking place “out there.” It’s taking place in the home. Satan isn’t content with owning and controlling the planet; he wants our souls too.


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