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Reflections in a Petri Dish – March 31, 2013

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I know it’s tough out there. Because of the effect of the external, our internal should be our greatest concern because that’s where the problem really is. It’s how we relate to everything that is going on around us that determines our relationship to it and how we feel about it. Do we feel overpowered? Then we are overpowered, at least in our minds …and if we believe we are overpowered that is half the battle already. The enemy doesn’t even have to work that hard does it? If we are so disposed, due to telepathic invasion when we were young; not to mention being unaware of it, for the most part, we are vulnerable in ways we can’t protect ourselves against. This imbeds a predilection toward reinforced negativity in the way we think, feel and act. I should know, it used to be the case with me before I used Nature’s most potent scouring power on all those dubious locations. It didn’t happen overnight.
Things slip through to us, if we are paying attention. They slip through to us in poetry, literature and even movies like this one. The monsters feed on Fear. It gives them power over us. If you don’t fear the monster then you are not feeding the monster and it is only a matter of time before the monster begins to decrease in size until, well, do the math.
Things slip through to us in dreams. Things slip through to us in what people say because something is slipping through them on your behalf. This sort of thing happens a lot but we don’t acknowledge it. This is because we have been seduced by the counter argument. We may not think this is the case but how else do we account for our depressed mood and propensity to despair in the face of cartoon monsters?
I write this today because I have noticed lately that there is a certain segment of the readership that has bought into the ‘no exit’ mindset. This makes you an unwitting tool on behalf of those who oppress you. One of the great metaphysical lights of the last century, Manly Palmer Hall, who, no doubt, will be excoriated by those uninformed about his contributions, once said; (to paraphrase) “There is White Magic and there is Black Magic. There is also gray magic and that is the magic performed by a large portion of the population who are unconscious of it or its effects on their lives and on others. Gray Magic serves the interests of Black Magic and can be considered an ally in it’s camp”. I extemporized a bit there but I’m sure Manly won’t mind.
I don’t give two rat’s asses to a pile of weasel shit, whether someone is a Mason, a Wiccan, a Pagan or a Christian. I’m only affected by the quality of their work and whether or not it added to or took away from the cosmic effort on behalf of human liberation. What any organization might have in it’s earlier days and what it got hijacked into over the course of time are two different things. Whether some members of any group are corrupt is not a matter for debate, it is an observable fact. Whether certain members may be decent human beings, unaffiliated with the corruption that exists around them, is a horse of a different color …and something that gets overlooked by the witchburners and tunnel-vision operatives is that there is a lot more going on than meets the eye.
One of the things that evil does, besides seeking to subvert the weak links in any chain; given the fertile environment that the Kali Yuga provides for this sort of activity, is to put all orders and associations, visible and invisible under a cloud of suspicion. The truth is that there are groups and collectives who tirelessly work for the greater good of humanity. We’d be in much deeper shit without them.
While the wicked seek to push yet one more Chalabi down our throats there is a percolating vitriol, burbling beneath the surface of the moment. The cosmic imperative for our liberation cannot be hindered, only delayed by our complicity in our collective enslavement to what is not real. However, this force is inexorable. It will triumph when the time arrives. So, regardless of your present state, what is real remains unchanged. Certainly, eyes deluded by the sad magnetic resonance, with all of the false objects of desire, will remain so imprisoned, until the appointed time, when what is not, is swallowed up by what is. For those intrepid souls who are capable of the requisite optimism and possessing the determination to keep a hold of it, ‘Now’ is the appointed time.
I don’t know how to put this any better, or more clearly, than I have been putting it for some time now. Let’s just consider the words of one of the greater teachers of humanity; not that most people pay attention when they hear it and not that they get the real meaning and implications of it most of the time; “Greater is that which is in you than that which is in the world”. In companion with that is the direct assurance that if a particular force is with you, who can be against you? I live by this and it has proven out. I don’t need to be convinced. I already am. This is why I continue in optimism. If 90% of the world is washed away, I will continue in optimism. Riddle me this, how is anyone’s state improved by pessimism. You can attract sunlight or cloudbanks. That’s your call. You can bemoan the state of the world and your own sense of impotence and helplessness in the face of what? The whole point of this particular adventure; the whole point of ‘the purpose of demonstration’ is to make you aware of your access to a greater power. Through the ages, classic examples have found this in many ways. Some of it is mystical, some of it has a serious scientific basis. You can argue religion and whatever other excuses you have for not looking behind the curtain and… religion happens to be one of the curtains but… there’s something there, if you persist in relentless inquiry. I have made contact. I am not in doubt about who and what permitted this whole dreadful extravaganza, for the purpose of demonstration and… education. Your state is directly dependent on your level of awareness. Your state is directly dependent on your level of awareness.
Don’t argue, comprehend. Don’t be a ping pong ball. Don’t be a pinball. Don’t bounce from pillar to post. That is the ongoing dynamic of the world, maintaining you in a state of confusion. Be certain. How can you be certain of something you don’t understand? Well, ask yourself how can you already be certain of all of these other things you don’t understand because… surely, if you understood the rest of the things you now take for granted, you would have control over them wouldn’t you?
This is why I am a practitioner of ‘casting out thought’. That’s on automatic pilot now but… back in the times when I was persistently engaged in this, I would occasionally find myself in these wide open interior spaces, where absolutely nothing was going on. It took a little while before I realized I was not alone. Once I had removed all the furniture and the chattering entities, seated in various locations, whatever was unmovable remained. In the time following that, I found something out. The essential resonance within becomes hidden and it’s transmissions compromised by the chatter that goes on over the top of it. It becomes very difficult to distinguish between who and what is communicating with you. This is how we get misled. Then we wind up arguing about the irrelevant. First we argue with ourselves, then we argue with others. There is no argument. Ergo, the process is pointless.
The chattering entities within, are directly connected to invisible transmitting towers, that broadcast the accepted lies of our time. Sure, it sounds crazy and unacceptable that there are invisible transmitting towers but you are certainly aware of the visible transmitting towers that are broadcasting the accepted lies of our time. ‘As above, so below’, refers to the different environments of the seen and unseen. The seen comes out of the unseen. This is all easily proven by simple reflection upon the seen and a consideration upon, “where did all of this come from”? If one wants to understand one can. If not, there are a multitude of diversions that exist to confuse you, for as long as you are comfortable with that. This is where most of us find ourselves, moving from day into day, through the same old same old; world without end, because it just goes on and on, welcoming you into another permutation of the same old same old; “Hello sailor”, “why don’t you come up and see me sometime”?
I can’t account for what others think and say and do. That’s all predicated on their state of awareness. Until that changes, things will not change and… the same old same old still applies. I’ve got no interest or investment in the same old same old, precisely because it is the same old same old.
Hopefully, there was something of value in this circuitous monologue that came out of nowhere, like it usually does. It’s not nowhere though, ‘this’ (surrounding you), the rest of all this, is nowhere. If there is a nowhere and… most of the people who come here will acknowledge that, then, according to the laws of displacement and opposites, ‘nowhere’ postulates ‘somewhere.’. I don’t personally have any problem with any of it because, no matter where I go, I always wind up in the same place, just as soon as the furniture and the entities sitting on it get evicted again. Is this a great system or what? Find yourself a system and beast the system. Find the system that works for you and employ it. Could I possibly be more clear? No… Have a nice day!
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