The Ethnic Cleansing of Elite Universities

Jews, only 1.8 percent of college age population, comprise an astounding 25 percent of Harvard and Ivy League enrollment.
David Duke was not invited to a recent White nationalist conference because he focuses on the role of Organized Jewry in the subjugation of American Christians. He refers to this as the “big hairy gorilla in the room.” If White nationalists are afraid even to mention the J-word, the Illuminati have nothing to fear. They can stop accumulating ammunition at their Dept. of Homeland Tyranny.

by David Duke – “The Big Hairy Gorilla in the Room” (abridged & edited by March 29, 2013

The most critical purview of racial discrimination in America is in the elite universities of the United States. Harvard and the Ivy League are the primary source for the rulers of the rest of academia, as well as media, finance and politics. In short, it is the source of the real elite of America.
In the elite universities of the United States, European Americans are far more victims of racial discrimination in favor of Jews, than of discrimination on behalf of African Americans or Hispanics.

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