The Appetite Junkies in an Unlivable Rat’s Nest

Visible Origami – March 29, 2013

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
I don’t watch TV except on rare occasions and then I don’t watch it on TV. I stream it without commercials after jumping through hoops sometimes. I watch Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones and American Idol. I have my reasons for each. With “Breaking Bad” it is well done and intriguing. “Game of Thrones” I’m not so interested in anymore since I read the books, which seem to have been written just to depress and piss a person off. I watch American Idol because it is fun to watch amazing singers mature into real professionals. Also, uncannily, my judgments tend to mirror those of the judges and that makes me feel good; like I know something about what’s going on.
I just went off on a tangent and had to erase it all. That doesn’t usually happen; all kinds of traffic going on on the mental plane but it’s not translatable, just impressions. Things are hovering and circling like planes stacked up over a major airport. This is all generated by the planets rubbing up against each other, or setting up certain degrees of harmony or dissonance; the infinite complex mathematics of the cosmos, working in mysterious ways.
On we go through the designated changes of the lifetime, opting, according to our programming, in one direction or another. Some of us are aware of this programming and also the subliminal, telepathic invasion, being performed on the collective human mind, the hive mind of the workers and drones. Drones?
It’s almost comic to watch the emerging police state, manifesting around us; this calculated, cold-blooded plotting of fat cat bankers and corporate psychopaths. It’s been a great many years since I first realized that most people are asleep but I didn’t realize how deep that sleep actually was. The last couple of decades have really brought that into perspective. I’m done trying to integrate with it. All I can think of is to find somewhere outside of the pending, planetary uproar. I’m being routed toward a location that was the first place I wanted to go to years ago but never went.. It is heartening and affirming to watch the choreography of destiny do its thing, like there is a benevolent intelligence behind the whole affair. A lot of the time it looks decidedly the opposite, given the unpredictable push and shove of millions of appetite junkies chasing their next fix.
The matrix of modern civilization has become an unlivable rats nest. It’s congested and directionless, except for the Wolf-herders rustling the sheep into their pens; nighty night numbskulls.
The worst part of it for me is to watch the morphing of human consciousness into the acceptance of whatever the Crass Media wants to generate into reality. Besides the entertainment factor of American Idol, I watch it for other reasons because there is a shaping and molding thing going on; not just with the entertainers but with the audience. There are agendas at work. I watched the selection of the main participants and noted how at least half the men chosen were gay. From what I could see that wasn’t an accident because they bypassed people of greater talent in order to get that mix. When you go to the Crass Media these days, you will see more articles about gay affairs and gay marriage than you will see about any other subject, unless it’s saber rattling. That comes and goes with different measures of intensity, depending on what they want the public to be in favor of. They regularly present their rigged polls that show the larger portion of the public in favor of whatever they want them to be in favor of and the public just drinks their pink slime Slurpees and and hoots in accord. It’s whatever everyone else is doing and they don’t want to stand out.
I hear on a regular basis from readers whose families and associates are all diametrically opposed to their point of view. Some of them see no way out of the situation. They live in a state of tension with some element of the sleepwalking dead. The more time that passes, the more it seems inevitable that trauma will be required to adjust the scales of consciousness and awareness.
Point of fact, materialism dulls the mind. After awhile it becomes the only focus. It serves to divert the attention from things that require dramatic change. Dramatic change seems entirely too radical. It sets you apart from your fellows; no more Buffalo Wings down at the neighborhood pub. You wind up thinking too much and that’s definitely going to disturb your casual companions, who want to talk about tits and ass and the games. They watch the president mouthing the words that the bankers programmed into his wooden Howdy Doody head. They watch their 100% Israeli owned politicians, lying every time they open their mouths; committing treason, selling out their country and themselves for filthy lucre. They don’t make the connection. They don’t see who runs Homeland Security and the TSA or what their purpose is. Even while they experience the humiliation and unpleasantness they don’t get it.
Many of them think there are actual terrorist out there besides the government. Even if there were something that could be vaguely defined under such a label, they would more appropriately be called Freedom Fighters, pushed beyond endurance by the looting of their countries and the murder of their compatriots, along with their children and their wives. It’s true that there are state manufactured terrorists in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and other locations but these are just government forces in djellabas. The undercover killers sent into these countries by the UK and the US, France and others are the worst offenders, all sent forth at the behest of Israel, to torture, burn and bomb. Men in suits make it happen. Satanic, religious fanatics make it happen. There is no difference between them and Torquemada, Pizarro or Cortez. Basically they are getting their licks in until their time runs out.
Most of us want to do the right thing. We want to live in harmony, have access to decent food and acceptable shelter. Every effort of the governments, under the iron rod of Israeli Satanism, is geared to oppose every good and righteous thing. It’s as plain as daylight and if you can’t see it, you don’t want to; fear or complicity, fear or complicity… willing complicity or unwilling complicity, which results in the corruption and disappearance of every good thing.
I am, with great frequency, daily astonished at the willingness of humanity to submit to every kind of indignity as if, in fact, honors were being bestowed on them. Their livelihoods are gone. They are losing their homes. Their finances are under dire threat. Law Enforcement has become an army of corrupt and undisciplined goons. It just keeps getting worse, while the volume goes up on the Bread and Circuses channel.
Well, let’s step away from the doom and gloom for a moment. That only applies to those who have sold their asses to the darkness. I know it’s hard for the rest of us to maintain a positive mindset. That’s due to the surround sound of compromised hearts and minds, going along with the program. It’s a simple matter to shut the whole thing down. What’s required is a national strike where no one goes to work until the government and all of its representatives resign. Israel must be exposed for all of its pernicious behavior and given pariah status, due to a host of criminal acts against greater humanity. The bankers and many of the corporate CEO’s need to be arrested and thrown in jail. The usurious banks must be closed down and a new system put into place. The greatest obstacle to all of this happening is the manipulated appearances of division between us. We have no unity of purpose. Were we to come together in a common understanding of who our common enemy is and who its servants are we could bring them down. If they are not brought down they will enslave and kill you. That is their intent. These are monsters, fiends. You are not dealing with human beings. You are dealing with an alien life-form, devoid of conscience and restraint. Luckily there are fail-safes built into the movie. There are different routing patterns for different objectives and intentions. They are like slipstreams. You vibrate in accord with a particular slipstream and then you ride it to it’s port of call. It’s just like that. It has a vibratory integrity that holds it together and also assures the successful conclusion of what it was designed for; what it’s purpose is.
Think of it as a bus or train station where buses and trains are leaving every hour of the day for somewhere. Your only concern is to decide where you want to go and you’ll get there. Most people don’t know where they want to go. They are unable to formulate a clear image. Their state has been artificially manufactured for them by the people running the asylum.
What’s going to happen, sooner or later is that there is going to be a sudden shift in the power from the hands of the abusers to the abused. There is going to be a massive upswelling in the hearts of the people and light is going to enter their minds. The effect of this happening is going to have such an impact on those losing their grip that little else is going to be required. Then what needs to happen, what is meant to happen, will happen. That’s just how it is.
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