Top Israeli rabbi arrested for raping teenage daughters for over a decade

Press TV – March 28, 2013

A prominent Israeli rabbi has been arrested on charges of sexually assaulting his three teenage daughters for more than 10 years.

The rabbi, who has not yet been publicly named, is reportedly being charged with multiple accounts of sexual assault and invasion of privacy, Israel’s Ynet news website reported on Wednesday.

He was arrested 10 days ago but has been remanded in custody for an additional two days.

An indictment filed with the al-Quds (Jerusalem) District Court said the suspect began molesting the victims, ages 12 -14, more than 10 years ago.

The document said the rabbi sexually abused one of the elder daughters for two years, despite her pleas.

He told the girl they could sleep naked together and also placed a video camera in her room and watched her as she undressed and showered.

The suspect’s daughters are expected to testify against him in court.



Rabbi Israel Weingarten Re-sentenced To 30 Years In Prison

Hasidic rabbi raped his own daughter from when she was very young until she was able to flee her home at adulthood

Shmarya Rosenberg – Sept 11, 2011

Rabbi Israel Weingarten was originally convicted on 5 counts related to the systematic rape of his minor daughter and transporting this daughter across international borders to commit incest and rape.

He was sentenced to 30 years in federal prison.

But one count was later overturned on appeal because both legs of that particular trip were outside United States territory and therefore outside of US jurisdiction, and the case was sent back to the trial judge, Judge Gleeson, for resentencing.

Today that new sentence was handed down.

Originally, Judge Gleeson had sentenced Weingarten to ten years for each of the 5 counts, with the latter two to be served concurrently with the first three, for a total of 30 years.

Today, Judge Gleeson did essentially the same thing, giving Weingarten 10 years for each of the remaining 4 counts, with the last 10 to be served concurrently with one of the first 3 counts, for a total of 30 years in federal prison.

Judge Gleeson called Weingarten – who was known as a talmud chacham (a wise student of Jewish law and the Talmud) and who recently served as a sort of father figure for the ba’al teshuva students at Rabbi Leib Tropper’s Kol Yaakov yeshiva in Monsey, New York – a “vicious predator.”

Despite years of warnings in the various Satmar communities Weingarten lived in – in Europe, the United States and, briefly, Israel – that Weingarten was raping his daughter, Weingarten was not turned in to police and his daughter was not protected.

Even today after his conviction, leading haredi rabbis in Monsey, Jerusalem, England and Belgium continue to support Weingarten and efforts to have his conviction overturned.


Because the daughter Israel Weingarten raped over the course of a decade and a half is no longer hasidic or ultra-Orthodox.

In other words, because this raped and abused woman chose to leave haredi Judaism after all the years these haredi rabbis covered up for her father and failed to protect her, her testimoney about her father’s rapes is not deemed trustworthy by many of these haredi ‘gedolim.’

For others, the mere fact that she is a woman is enough to disqualify her testimoney.

And for both groups of rabbis, Weingarten’s status as a noted “talmud chacham” trumps whatever crimes Weingarten committed, just like Rabbi Baruch Lanner’s kiruv, outreach, trumped his crimes according to his bosses at the Orthodox Union.

Modern/Centrist Orthodox rabbis have made real steps toward making sure nothing like the Lanner Case happens again.

Those steps are imperfect, and many of Lanner’s enablers still play leading roles in Orthodox communal life. But real, concrete steps have been taken nonetheless.

But this is not true of the haredi community, where active coverups of child sex abuse are ongoing and victims are persecuted and intimidated by leading rabbis – an, sometimes, by thugs representing those rabbis.

Even here, with all the evidence against Weingarten, his conviction and the failure of his appeal, haredi rabbis are once again punishing the victim of sex abuse while protecting and supporting her abuser.


Military rabbi suspected of raping daughter

Eli Senyor – Y Net News 09/05/08

A military rabbi, holding the rank of major, has been arrested under suspicion of raping and molesting his daughter for the last eight years, since she was 15. In addition, police suspect that the man may have assaulted another one of his children and plan to ask the court to extend his remand on Friday.

From the few released details, the man’s daughter arrived at the Shfela Sub District Police station and asked to file a complaint against her father. It appears that the daughter had gained the courage to complain to the police after going through therapy.

In her statement, the daughter said that her father began raping her when she was 15, and molested her on several occasions when the two of them where at home together.

Following the complaint, police arrested the father. He denied the charges against him and called them false.

Police accepted the daughter’s version of events, as it was consistent, and decided to hold the father for the night. In her statement, the daughter claimed that one of her brothers had also been victimized by their father.


Rabbi Elon accused of ‘long-term’ sexual relationship with student

Yair Ettinger – Haaretz Feb 18, 2010

Takana, the group that published allegations against Rabbi Mordechai Elon of sexually exploiting his students, said it did so because of “a long-term relationship that was clearly of a sexual nature.”

Elon Wednesday began to form a defense team to deal with the allegations and the possibility of criminal proceedings resulting from them.

Meanwhile, Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein, a leading figure in religious Zionist circles, and a member of Takana, a group that seeks to root out sexual exploitation by authority figures in the Orthodox community, said a relative of Elon’s had threatened his life.

Lichtenstein told his students at Har Etzion Yeshiva in the Gush Etzion town of Alon Shvut, that the person “said he would hurt me in every way he could.”

Takana Wednesday released a position paper with more information in the form of questions and answers, following queries to its members about their conduct in the matter.

“The affair was made public now because we had become increasingly concerned that we had no other way to protect the public from the possibility of more harm,” the document states. The rabbis said they had to go public because “Rabbi Elon did not follow the restrictions imposed on him, particularly in the area of personal relationships.”

The group said that when the first claims of sexual exploitation by the rabbi came to light, they included “the most serious acts that cannot be interpreted any other way.”

However, the forum’s decision to force Elon to retire from public and educational life and impose restrictions on him came after the members realized, a year later, there was “another complaint more severe than the first.” The committee dealing with the matter said it was shocked to discover the second complaint was made while it was deliberating the first one.

The committee also presented details of the restrictions imposed on Elon: Immediately after receiving the first complaint, Elon was asked not to be alone with a man. However, “the committee lost faith in statements by the rabbi, who concealed his acts during deliberation on the first complaint,” and further restrictions were therefore imposed “that would distance him from the possibility of hurting anyone else in the future.” He was forced to step down as head of Yeshivat Hakotel in Jerusalem and from other public positions. The forum said his move to the north was not “on its initiative.”

In contrast to Takana’s statement, Elon says he refused the committee’s demand that he sign a document. He told Haaretz through an associate that he had only given the committee a letter in which he explained that he was stepping down from his posts because he had been “compelled” to do so.

Wednesday, the day after Elon said he accepted “the torments with love,” his associates limited their public statements after an attorney was hired following Elon’s consultations with relatives, including his two brothers, former MK Binyamin Elon and Judge Yosef Elon’


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