Escaping the path to ruin

John Kaminski – Rebel News March 28, 2013

Two things have destroyed America as we always imagined it was and always would be — the secretive expenditures for perpetual war cynically disguised as national defense, and the Ponzi scheme interest payments that dupe everyone into believing they can live beyond their means.
Few independent thinkers ever anticipated the day when the implications of signing their mortgages would end up in foreclosure, repossession, living on the street, and not having enough to eat. Yet this has been the plan of those lending the money all along, and is the epidemic that engulfs us now.
Other key elements have figured significantly in our current descent into worldwide chaos.
The first was failure to examine the motives of those providing the information on which we based the course of our lives. It is perhaps the principal motivation of most of those pretending to be benefactors and facilitators to actually be predators. The most common human occupation is exploiting others for profit.
The second was the notion of getting a free lunch simply by participating in this corruption. A quick survey of current events in the world today vividly shows where that ethos has taken us.
As is now visible everywhere, the quality of the product being purchased runs a far-distant second to the reality of profit for both the producer and consumer, resulting in the twin abominations of inferior goods produced by corner-cutting production processes, resulting in unhappy consumers and untrustworthy manufacturers.

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John Kaminski is a writer who lives in the Gulf Coast of Florida (pelicans are back, eating merrily) whose essays are seen on hundreds of websites around the world.

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