Fluffer Lackeys, High Rent Boys and Dead, very Dead Children

Smoking Mirrors – March 27, 2013

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
There are two ways to look at what’s happening in the world economic theater. One perspective is that the bloated Banker Fiends are so suffused with arrogance that they are behaving like ravenous pigs, who just had a big meal tend to act, when the prospect of another big meal, looms in some distant, or nearby, trough. Or, preferably, they are running scared and hoping that snarling up everyone else’s economic access, along with Homeland Security going bullet crazy, they will have the necessary time frame to escape to some rattlesnake bolthole, where they can feast on their stolen swag and possibly on each other, further down the road.
One thing is obvious, nothing we are being told is true or more than half of the story. The Crass Media says one thing, the alternative speculators say something else but… where was I? What is apparent to me intuitively is that different factions of evil swine are making war on each other. For instance, the declaration of taking a certain percentage of funds from those with over a hundred thousand in the bank is telling. There’s all kinds of nasty shit going on in the background cause the vile , vile vampires of Rothschild and otherwise ilk, are being powerfully motivated and manipulated by the one meant to bring them down, who coincidentally is the one they serve. This was all choreographed some while ago but they are only getting hipped to it now…
…Just like our being hipped to dimensional shifts, since that is where our interests lie, they are being hipped to their manifest destiny, where they get to dance with Mr. Ugly at the Overlook Hotel. There are some deserving vermin about, who have been stinking up the joint for centuries. This includes the Central Bankers, the Satanists; both of these first two are mutually inclusive and the fluffer lackeys in official positions whose job is to get them hard before they do you. This latter group includes people like Bwak! Obama, Biden, gay blackmail victim, Lindsey Graham, John Kerry, the Clintons …and across the pond, David Cameron, Gordon Brown and all the high rent boys, who like to dress up in black and crimson robes, with ceremonial daggers and cut the hearts out of prepubescent children, in the hopes that those invisible demons, who drink the atmosphere of the gushing blood, will favor them with one material tidbit or another.
There are many tales told about soldiers seeing ghouls and other half visible things, feeding upon the dead, in the aftermath of great battles. There is a great power in blood, whether it is what happens when the blood of a martyr hits the Earth, or when beasts without conscience perform their evil deeds in homage to the dark side. Make no mistake, so many of the twisted things you hear about those creatures like Lord Mandelson and others being engaged in, is only a portion of the story. The kind of things going on in rural country retreats, by the dark of the moon, that involve politicians, religious figures and high ranking law enforcement are the sort of thing you might see in X-rated versions of Tales from the Crypt.
The thing that has to be understood about Kali Yuga is that it is a time when every excess is permitted for the purpose of demonstration. As Hassan I-Sabbah was wont to say, “nothing is real, everything is permitted”. We don’t have to so engage, nor do we have to close our eyes and shuffle by in fear and cowardice, concerning what manner of harm these twisted freaks can visit upon us. I’m going to insert two quotes from ‘the good book’ here, “Greater is that which is in you than that which is in the world” and also, to paraphrase, “If the divine is for me, who can be against me”? What makes us vulnerable; forget the concept of an overseeing grand authority for the moment, is when we become divided from ourselves. This puts you at cross purposes with your best interest and causes you to be easily manipulated by those who mean you harm. They either carrot and stick you, or they toss a cover-slip of fear over your shoulders. You are supposed to be in the driver’s seat, not being dragged behind the car. You are supposed to be sitting on the throne of your own being, not cast out of the castle and wandering like an itinerant amnesiac in search of an answer and an explanation. We are high born beings with limitless potential, not drudges in a chain gang, sharing in the collective delusion that evil psychopaths have some kind of license to rule and abuse us.
Generally, except in extraordinary times, the general population cannot be brought to a state of awareness, concerning what is under discussion here. Ergo, those blessed, as the result of good karma, with some degree of awakened awareness, must seek each other out and find collective shelter, at some remove, from the radical transformations that are fast approaching in the death of the age. The writing on the wall is enhanced by events, occurring ‘off the wall’. The force of exposure is sweeping across the landscape.
There are disturbing trends on the horizon that will shortly become epidemic. Food and fuel are two levers that are to be employed by the fading powers. They well know that their biggest threat comes from an aroused and angry populace. They’ve got two courses under consideration; eliminate a good part of the population or so effectively confuse and distract them that they run around in circles and go after each other. That’s always worked in the past. Too bad this isn’t the past as it was but the present as it is. I’m suffused with an unflagging optimism. I can’t state in bold, bullet points why that is. It’s operative but not visible, much like a watch face that conceals the gears that keeps the time. Of course they do make watches that don’t have a face, just the hands moving over the gears turning. I don’t have that kind of watch but, ‘I’m not into time’ anyway. Being into time means doing time, with or without bars on the window.
The information war is heating up. Exposes are winging their way across the screen. Exhortations are on the move. Permanent residents in the Kingdom of Dumbass, with plastic Jesus welded into their foreheads, as if they were some kind of contemporary unicorn from a fractured fairytale, are not likely to get much clarity at this point but… you never know. However, their waking up to their state would almost certainly ignite a chain letter of spontaneous heart attacks. Seeing things as they are can often prove fatal to those so heavily invested in seeing things as they are not. What do I know? Could well be it all turns out entirely different. You got financial and political tsunamis and you got real tsunamis. You got financial and political earthquakes and you got real earthquakes. You got economic and political flaming comets and you got real flaming comets. Maybe we get one or the other or maybe we get both.
The consideration is not what’s coming, or what may be coming but, more so, where you are standing when it arrives. That is predicated on what is resident in your heart and mind because those are the attractors that are responsible for environment. We’ve all heard the sayings that everything is inside you. What doesn’t get said often enough is; if everything is inside you then you can control everything outside you from within. The world outside is an expression of the world inside. Like the premise behind, ‘as a man thinketh’. The sands of time are resonant with quotes that continue to ring across the span of history and they continue to ring because they are true …but they mean no more to most of us than do the words etched into the arches of our hallowed institutions. We see the words but they are just words. Occasionally they flare up in the hearts of flag waving, weekend patriots, who distort their meaning, having been spoon fed the usual lies from their Zionist masters, whom they celebrate as the chosen offspring of the divine, which all results in a comic, ironic mockery of the truth because those they celebrate are the offspring of Satan and what this implies is that that is who they worship too. This accounts for all the prosperity evangelists and the enormous amount of money bilked out of those too stupid to see through the charade. Welcome to Scamalot.
You can’t get sucked into anything unless you want some part of what is sucking you in. That’s why they say, “You can’t cheat an honest man”. Everything that happens to us has something to do with the way we see things and the value we put on them. Everything that populates our world has the identity we conferred upon it. We really do live in a world of our own creation. Once again the power of “I don’t know” rears its useful head. The process of unknowing things that you formerly knew, sets you free of the mislabeling confinements you locked yourself up in. We are all prisoners of what we think we know. The fact is that we don’t know anything and if we can get ourselves to the point where understanding that makes sense to us, we can be put into the position where what things actually are reveal themselves to us through a simple act of focused concentration. We let things speak to us rather than talking at them. Ancient and indigenous cultures understood and understand this and it accounts for the way they go about things. That way of doing things is distinctly different from the usual windshield awareness experienced at Metrosexual Central.
The key to grasping the composition of illusion, lies in understanding the sex force and the way our perceptions of it are managed by those who seek to control us. It’s an interesting exercise to take some time and look at everything that happens and exists as some permutation of the sex force and that the majority of these are aberrations and perversions of it, given the time frame we occupy. People tell me Kali Yuga is over. I have only to walk down the street to confirm to myself that it is not over. It might be ending and we may only be in the thundering echo of its passage but it’s still here and you’ve got your head buried in a sand-hill of wishful thinking, if you imagine otherwise. It will end though and nothing says some of us can’t start living in the coming age right now, if our heads and hearts are in the right place.
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I would like to prevail on those readers so inclined to assist me in compiling Neil’s poetry. I am trying to give time to this effort but am somewhat stymied by all the other things I have to do and my lack of technique which would, no doubt bring all of the poems up if I could generate the proper script.

Anyway, just asking.

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