Mysterious Winds of an Unknown Provenance

Visible Origami – March 26, 2013

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May you noses always be cold and wet.
Okay, I’m rotating on this (grin). ♫Aldebaran… Origami high♫ Strange energies have found us. Something came into the room and into me last night. The energy was fierce and I did not get much, if any sleep last night and it’s still going on. There’s some kind of unusual planetary configuration going on in respect of me. I kind of wish it would dial itself down but, I guess I have to tell myself, “Good luck with that”. I have to say that these have been some of the strangest months ever and, of course, no explanation apparently is needed (grin).
I’m thinking that something really dramatic is about to happen in the wider world and I’m getting some of the preliminary bleed-off. That would explain it, so would the approach of normally, celestial forces coming into the terrestrial sphere. That has to happen at some point anyway because the Satanists and assorted nogoodniks are making war on the cosmos. There are ancient precedents for this kind of thing; meaning it’s routine but doesn’t happen very often, cause it take several millennium to crank up into something annoying enough to get it’s ass kicked big time. There’s also plenty of ancient precedence for that as well. Maybe the reason it doesn’t happen very often, is because enough time needs to go by for these clowns to totally forget what happened last time; makes sense.
This is paralleled by the fact that history disappears at a certain point, if you go back far enough. Whatever went down must have been significant, cause nearly all trace of whatever it was is gone. There are vague rumors about a place called Atlantis and another called Lemuria. There’s various convoluted, channelled information like the Urantia Book and Beelzebub’s Tales to his Grandson. Of course there is Scientology as well, if you like bizarre science fiction history, with a mind control meringue. If you’re a good little sailor through the auditing channels and e-meter gauntlet, you might get to go on their ocean liner and sail the seas of ‘clear’. When L. Ron Hubbard used to be the captain, he had a bevy of beautiful ladies on board, who had all signed billion year soul contracts with him. That’s a long time to be the mind (and probably body) slave of a serious weirdo.
I’m not concerned with Scientology getting upset with me. They already have labelled me a suppressive. If you were to translate that into Catholicism, it would be similar to ‘excommunication’, except you have to be a Catholic to be excommunicated and I was never a Scientologist, though I met more than a few of them. They all had something odd about them, which is probably an explanation for why they got into it in the first place. Seriously, there was something similar to a covered dish in the back of the icebox going on.
People occasionally ask me what I think of the Urantia Book. I tell them it makes a really good doorstop. The same can be said for Gurdjieff’s entry. My take on the Hurdy Gurdy Boy. is that he was tom-fooling a lot of the time. Rumor had it that he worked over Ouspensky’s head pretty good. I remember attempting to read Beelzebub’s Tales and getting about ten pages into it before I let it sail across the room. For some reason, some people like to get into really dense stuff that serves no practical purpose.. I like the simpler texts. I find them more profound. Intellectual gymnastics doesn’t appeal to me. A lot of that is the result of being psychedelicized. It deep cleans the inside of your head, well, my head anyway. You’ll note I never recommend this course to others. Not everyone can acclimatize to the imperatives placed upon one by this particular summoning.
I remember back in the day, there was this whole segment of the hip scene that used to refer to being in altered states by saying, “Man, I’m fucked up”, or “I’m really stoned”. I always thought of it in terms of being high; certainly higher than I had been previously. These same people would always be going on about the colors, or the quality of their hallucinations, like they were watching a show in Vegas. I was always looking to dance with God, period. Subsequently they and I had entirely different experiences.
I remember all of the various subcultures that were going on in the greater consciousness movement. It exemplified that 10% thing again. I’m always running into that. Ten percent of the people get things done and ten percent of the people distinguish themselves by their industry. Everyone else sits around or gets absorbed in one distraction or another. I find it interesting that such a huge segment of the population is addicted to porn. They’re watching it in The Pentagon, in Congress, probably in the White House too. They’re watching it on Wall Street and they’re watching it in Parliament and the House of Lords. We hear about it here and there in the Crass Media. I’ve seen some of it in passing over the years and I don’t get the attraction. I’m not attracted to any of the players and their perfunctory bucking and lurching into emptiness. There’s a reason it’s called pornography. It’s vile and debasing. I don’t want to come off as a prude, I’m not, anything but… I just require romance and poetry; something ethereal and fairytale like and that’s probably why I am drawn to the goddess/Lady Nature, more so than human equivalents and given human equivalents, it is my intention to see her in them, to invoke her.
We’re walking corpses but we refuse to admit it. We come to life when we die, whether we accomplish that beforehand; preferable, or as the natural result of the life cycle. One who is aware of this condition fixes their mind on what lies beyond. Why would anyone pursue the temporary at the expense of missing the eternal? Yet there is a mad rush for this.
Humanity fascinates me. I can sit and watch people for hours and used to do that with some regularity until I couldn’t leave this room very often due to all the chores. I watch people shopping. Many of them do not go out for specific things, like I do. They go out just to shop. I find that really strange. When I am in the supermarket checkout line, I study what people buy. The amount of poisonous soft drinks and the size of the containers is impressive. I’ve seen people buying gallons of this swill. Sometimes they have 8 different kinds of pork in their cart. They’re big on pork over here and evil things, like blood sausage and head cheese. There’s something here called Lieberkase. That is some toxic stuff. After awhile people begin to look like stuffed sausages. I stand there with my vegetables, good pasta, rice, sometimes a chocolate bar (high end Free Trade chocolate) and some nuts and rarely if ever do I see people shopping healthy. Sometimes they are there with their kids and there are bags and bags of chips and all sorts of candy concoctions. Then there’s the processed food, with ingredients that have sixty letters in them and sometimes there are forty or fifty ingredients. I study this stuff, yet another part of my fascination as a cultural voyeur.
I want to live somewhere where people eat right and live right, where they take more joy in each other than they do in in their possessions; people who know what their real wealth is, people who appreciate the truly finer things in life, which are not Dom Perignon and a Stradivarius cigar, with some inarticulate arm candy, draped over the arm of their easy chair.
I don’t want to put these people down. This is as much as they know at that point. Unfortunately their tendencies for elitist enjoyments, is indicative of the type of behavior they bring to the marketplace. With the rise of corporations, all of the different facets of a business got sectioned off. The lawyers were in one location and the bean counters were in another. The people in each section were paid according to how much they could squeeze out of every area except profits. Profits is what they squeezed into. Their job was not to moralize, or analyze. Their job was to squeeze. That’s how the top 1% got so rich at the expense of everyone else. Lawyers were paid for finding loopholes to eliminate taxes and for setting up protections against really bad behavior that the CEO’s signed off on because it was really profitable and it didn’t matter who got hurt. The BP fiasco was an example of this. It never even had to happen had they not been so cheap. There’s cheap and there’s stupid, such as where certain nations situate their nuclear reactors, as well as hiring Israelis to guard them. As a digression; all this hamfisted, violent behavior on the part of the police has come about due to Israelis coming in and training them. You can’t swing a live demon in any government office without hitting an Israeli, nor can you tell the difference.
You can’t go to any Crass Media location without getting a daily dose of fecal pastry like this, or half a dozen or more like this; note the way the language is shaped and the quotes. Day after day you get examples of Tribe greed and arrogance, engaged in massive crime. Meanwhile, the Satanist’s take care of their own. Yeah, they definitely take care of their own. The odious stench of the free Johnathan Pollard movement is yet another example. Sooner or later this has to be dealt with and it will be. I am happy to say that that is in the works as I write these words.
Well, I’m a tad woozy and hyper-accelerated at the same time. If I were a cloud or a Mylar balloon, I’d be bouncing off of the sky or the ceiling. I’m hoping this tones down. Something is up in the unseen realms and no doubt down here as well; ‘as above so below’. I think I’ll go lay down for awhile and see you on the other end. Be watchful.
End Transmission…….

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