Satire on Gay Adoption is Exhilarating

by Henry Makow Ph.D.— (Slightly revised from Dec 26, 2011)

Seven-year-old "Mahogany" is left in car alone while gay parent leaves for bondage sex.

The truth is exhilarating and, God knows, we rarely find any in the mass media.

Exhilarated is how I felt after seeing “Buyer’s Remorse” a biting, politically incorrect satire on gay adoption by gay screenwriter/director Christopher Landon, 37, son of Bonanza’s late Michael Landon.

Like Jews and anti-Semitism, gays are the only people allowed to criticize without being smeared as “homophobic.”  Nevertheless, for “Buyer’s Remorse,” Landon has been labeled homophobic and racist to boot!

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