Wu Wei, Aft Gang Agley and Whatever’s Right

Reflections in a Petri Dish – March 25, 2013

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I have been giving some deep thought to conditions over recent times; something I probably should have been doing before I got caught up in some of it. It’s always better to reflect on things first, before acting on them, unless they’re right there in front of you and demand immediate response of one kind or another. Often that isn’t the case and we just react anyway. We act in haste and repent at our leisure. Sometimes I wish I knew more but I don’t for, “very good reasons” as I have been told so many times.

I thought I would take a short journey around the net to sites I am aware of and check the pulse of the times, as it expresses itself through the people engaged there. I was fairly surprised at the confusion,rage and frustration that I encountered, even though there’s been some amount of that all along. It seems to be everywhere. People in general are going through a lot of difficulty that expresses itself on different levels; sometimes on all of them- mental, emotional and physical.

What I also noticed is that there are what seems to be organized bands of internet thugs, intentionally stirring up trouble, setting people against each other. Sometimes they argue between themselves for display. From what I’ve been able to glean, they are professional trolls in the employ of one faction or another, of the same overriding group of affiliated Nazguls. What I have also noticed is that while I am on my guard against one faction, I can sometimes get temporarily sucked in by another. Then I defeat my own purposes of attempting to stay above the fray and just stay focused on hammering the same points over and over again, which is what they do.

Seems like their most favorite tactic is character assassination. It doesn’t matter if you hew to the line in most things, if you represent something they are trying to kill out in the human spirit, they will come after you, because the best way to destroy people’s faith in something, is to tear down each and every icon that seeks to resemble those states of being.

I watch children a lot but generally surreptitiously because, these days, just watching children can draw heat. There was a time if I walked into a public restroom and saw a kid in there, with no attending adult, I would walk right back out until they left (grin). You may think that’s over reacting but I personally know people that got set up like this. It worked out for them, thank their lucky stars, because the perpetrators weren’t slick enough but… it bears thinking about.

There’s a lot I haven’t talked about, concerning malicious actions directed at me, with the intent of disturbing my home life, messing with my artistic output and other things. I’ll admit, I haven’t been as disciplined, aware or wary as I should have been. I tend to have a certain amount of supreme confidence that they can’t do anything to me of any telling amount. This has required me getting stitches on occasion, metaphorically speaking, because, no great amount, no telling amount, can still add up to appreciable damage.

I’m thinking about taking a break from all of this after the next Origami, so as to assess and analyze what I am up against and the way I go about dealing with it. Part of me just wants to wade in and go toe to toe with these feckless swine but… that’s a mistake right from the outset. That way of looking at things will get you into Pyrrhic difficulties. My basic nature in terms of conflict has always been to be purely defensive, based on the maxim that evil destroys itself and also that aggression loses the majority of its force when not met with the same. If I was trying to raise a child, besides the one I am presently raising, which is myself, I’d make sure he learned Hapkido, while taking Aikido at the same time. This has the benefit of giving quick observable results, while the zazen and dynamics of learning how to fall take place and the boredom is neutralized because the Hapkido is so cool; speaking from the mind of a 12 year old; something I actually do with some frequency (grin).

What I’m trying to say about all the tension and nasty doings by the shit golems, is that we are presently in a time where the potential for making false moves, or engaging in something we will regret, is at an optimum. I would recommend that everyone reading these words, take some time in this day to consider what you are feeling, what passes through your minds and consciously release all of it; the good, the bad and the undefined. If you are successful, all that will remain is what is real.

Every legitimate spiritual discipline has, as one of it’s cardinal tenets, either the emptying of the mind, or the focusing of the mind on a single process or image. One could say that until this has reached some degree of efficacy, you’re just spinning your wheels and you won’t get anywhere. The only exception to this is Bhakti and that turns out to be a process, so…

At a certain period in my life I used to say, a lot, “whatever’s right”, in response to queries about things where something like that might apply. It got to where this resulted in things going right to a noticeable degree. May be I shouldn’t have let that go. Lately I’ve had this behavior of, “shoot first and ask questions later” on unguarded occasions. Of course this results in my not always being right. Then I wind up beating the shit out of myself because no one is harder on me than myself.

The more I look back on events that have transpired in the last several years, the more I come to understand that they were unavoidable. I say this because, prior to anything of a certain nature happening, I often knew in advance what was coming but could not alter the course. When I did not know, the course was set in any case. In every case there came, upon later reflection, the awareness of a definite cause and a definite result. The definite result COULD NOT have occurred had there not been a definite cause. This was powerfully illuminating to me, comprehending this in that way, when a simple mental process, that usually results in an expected permutation, all of a sudden opens a trap door and a little genie pops up and hands me a Kewpie doll . I definitely love those moments.

Across the wide spectrum of people from countries all over the globe, who have traveled with me in these blogs, over the course of time, there are various collective takes on me. For the most part, this has to do with people’s individual takes on themselves. That is how and why ‘the resonance’ works here the way it does, ‘most of the time’ (grin). I’m a little concerned about myself at the moment; being clear headed has certain drawbacks. That may seem disingenuous but it happens to be true. When I say concerned that’s not the right word because I am not concerned, it is more like, I am aware. Given the massive uptick in emails of late, I would have to say that the same thing is going on in some amount of the readership and that some of these readers are saying and doing things a bit out of character for them and the cosmos is providing opportunities, at the same time, for these things to happen so… I am advising the reader as I am advising myself; step back and assess. This is a very critical period for all of us and significant pressures are at work, in concert with our being here. This does not mean, automatically, that I will suspend my posting. that might just continue as it has and I will have the necessary moments for introspection.

The long awaited shit hitting the fan is on the doorstep now so… don’t open the door. This is in reference to all that’s been said in this posting so far. We must all be watchful at this time and we must consider where we are, in proximity to what is, very likely coming, given the general intransigence of the general population. If the alarm doesn’t wake you up, other measures must perforce occur. Don’t let the sun come up and find you sleeping (parabolically speaking) and don’t let the sun go down on your anger. Much can be repaired if we engage it early and especially not add unto it. There’s a definite propensity for that in the air right now. For myself, I’m thinking of getting in touch with my friendly astrologers (grin) but what good will it do, beyond what can occur by listening to my interior stars?

They call Hollywood actors stars and part of that is due to their charisma. They feed off of the attention of their admirers and it gives them a noticeable glow, which is also a false light. Some number of politicians and religious leaders have this as well. It accounts for their being able to do a lot of things they shouldn’t be doing, simply because a large portion of the public believes they wouldn’t be in that position unless they were meant to be. There is another light that is acquirable, but both lights require ignition, either through shaktipat, or Old Scratches benediction. In one case, the current goes in one direction and in the other case it goes in the other direction.There are only two directions and there are seven portholes, where the force expresses itself. On the one hand, the practitioners are mainly operative through the top 4. The other faction works through the bottom 3. Since this is Kali Yuga, or at least the fading echo of it is still paramount at the moment, one should be able to intuit which faction is having the most influence, ‘for the moment’.

Hopefully I have conveyed how important self reflection and self analysis are at this juncture in time. You can be sure I will be engaged in it as often as is possible. I would prefer to sidestep Savonarola Avenue, as well as Rasputin Boulevard (I can already see Talmudic snakes, coiling around those terms and getting into position for a little projectile vomiting). I can see where I’ve been unconsciously flirting with things similar but far less identical, inadvertently. Contemporary malefic forces are truly sneaky. You have to take your inventory every day. Luckily, I have a monitoring minder, who clues me in when I get to certain margins that are not always visible. They’re there but they might well be vibrating above or below the bandwidth of your eyes.

We are basically all good people, the majority of those who come here. I’ve met a few dozen of you, while I was abroad, but mostly here as a result of visits. I have been suitably impressed and even surprised. You come from different walks of life. Some of you are relatively poor and some of you are doing quite well. Most all of you have big hearts. This is crunch time. May providence and whatever Devas are looking out for us, be powerfully engaged on our behalf.

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