Masonic Jewish Subversion, Algeria Style

by  Numidian Thor – (Translated by David Masada for March 24, 2013

One needs to understand that in all countries where Freemasonry is well established (like France),it is behind all the corruption, financial scandals, premeditated murder and mafia. The “brothers” and “sisters” Masons are always above the law. Let’s examine the similarities between the policies of Algerian dictator General Tewfik since 1993, and the agenda of Freemasonry:

Tewfik represents the interests of the Jewish Banksters in Algeria.

The economical process of this Satanist general determined to destroy Algeria in favor of world government is typically Masonic. He destroyed the local industry and sold it to domestic firms and multinational mafia. He signed association agreements with the European Union, planning to rent the majority of our best agricultural land to the Banksters of Paris as was done with the most important sources of mineral water. He also has attempted to denationalize hydrocarbons and offered the port of Algiers to Dubai Port World (DPW), made the import project of Sudan meat aborted (the Freemasons hinder the development of inter-Arab relations), opened the country to the Banksters, headed by Paribas and Société Générale (“banks command the economy” said political scientist Henry C. Moore).

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