Martin Bormann Spilled Vital Secrets to Soviets — Jan 26, 2018

bormann-alongside-hitler-during-an-inspectionNazi Pary Secretary Martin Bormann was at the heart of the Nazi apparatus. He  signed Hitler’s paycheck.
Louis Kilzer examined the wire traffic between the spy known as “Werther” and Moscow and determined that only Bormann had access to this information.
“The Soviets were able to ask very detailed questions about Nazi defenses and intentions.
The result was the decisive Nazis defeats at Stalingrad and Kursk.
Bormann had been as useful to Russia as fifty Red Army divisions,” Louis Kilzer writes.

By Henry Makow Ph.D. — (From June 2007.)

The second most powerful man in Nazi Germany, Martin Bormann, was a “Soviet” (i.e. Illuminati) agent who ensured the destruction of both Germany and European Jewry.
Thus, he advanced two of the Illuminati’s main goals: integrate Germany into a world government by annihilating its national, cultural and racial pretensions, and establish Israel as the Masonic banker’s world capital by threatening European Jews with extermination.
The Illuminati are a loose alliance of Jewish finance and the British/America/European aristocracy joined by marriage, money, and belief in the occult (Freemasonry). Winston Churchill, a Freemason whose mother was Jewish, fits this description perfectly.
They own vast interlocking cartels (banking, oil, pharmaceuticals, war, chemicals, minerals, media etc.) and control society and government through corporate and professional groups, the media, education, secret societies, think tanks, foundations and intelligence agencies. Their goal is “to absorb the world’s wealth” (in Cecil Rhodes’ words) and control its citizens using propaganda, “education” and social engineering.
Nations (Britain, US, Israel) movements (Zionism, Socialism, Nazism, Communism) and people (Americans, Germans, Jews) are their pawns to be sacrificed to their demented megalomaniac scheme for global dictatorship. Bormann’s career illustrates how they orchestrate wars to advance this long-term objective.


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