The Cowardice Implicit in our Denial of the Truth

Smoking Mirrors – March 24, 2013

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
(A gitgo digression; is there such a thing? Of course there is. The act of naming and creating it makes it real and that digressed from will simply be the text of the posting to follow. Get it? Good. Given the engineered nature of what is claimed to have happened at some point in the last several months, followed by an organized effort to misrepresent me and bring me down- wherever that is- there has followed certain, bumbling efforts by a couple/few anonymous trolls, pretending to be more than they are but lacking the creativity to demonstrate any difference between their various postings and thereby exposing themselves as the same person.. Out of compassion for your untutored efforts, let me give you some tips that will help to make you more effective.
Here we go, don’t say, “I know you won’t post this but it’s for you anyway”. That guarantees I won’t read the comment, other than the first line and the closing, just in case you actually did put a name to it. Then, do not compound your problems by signing off, “Give it up Matey”. We’re pretty perspicacious around here. We might even be pretty, depending on the eyes engaged in the observation (grin). Our trained staff can track IP’s AND more, quite often establishing who the anonymous contributor is. In this case it appears- play on words- to be Nobody. Don’t say things like, “May your noses be cold and wet. This is why I dislike you and can’t stand what you do. That’s an ugly thing to say. Did you used to be a witch”? This, especially given your poor sentence structure which I cleaned up for you, makes you look like someone with a low IQ. This is further confirmed by your not getting the meaning of ‘noses cold and wet’. It is a greeting between dogs, coming and going and wishing each other well. A cold and wet nose on a dog is a sign of health. You might argue that dogs don’t talk to each other. I know better. Do you see how this makes you look like a moron? I’m only trying to help.
You can spare yourself a lot of time and effort if you consider how little effect this has on me. I get a certain thrill from these sophomoric fumblings because, not only do they display the quality of my opposition but also the intense insecurity that their consistent anonymity declares. This, juxtaposed by the much larger numbers of support gratifies my heart.
The idea that you will affect my view of myself, or hinder what I do here is ludicrous. Even now, I am in the longest running string of daily postings that has ever happened here and the real result of having gone to India, is a grab bag of new potentials and abilities, courtesy of a fortuitous meeting or two. What may seem to be one thing, in consideration of me, is in reality, a very fortunate passage into a new world of fresh opportunities and personal transformations. You can no more bring me down than you can influence the one I am employed by.
The real reason I don’t print the uneducated swill you send me is twofold. Too many people come here to interact in an intelligent manner. Those of you lacking this facility are in the wrong place to begin with. Eventually your ineffectiveness will dawn on you and all will be well, more or less. The other reason is that the need to be anonymous, advertises a cowardice that I find reprehensible and I’ve little inclination to assist you in your craven and cringing camouflage. We are ingenious here and it may be that if it’s public exposure you want then, perhaps we will remove your anonymous wrapper, providing you the courage you lack by exercising it ourselves.
The world is going through major changes right this moment and that means that what is really inside each of us, is being forced to the surface for the purpose of demonstration. Now, if all you want to be (and perhaps are to begin with) is what you keep trying to demonstrate here, then, so be it. In the long course of any personal history, it is the consistency of effort and the body of one’s contributions that count toward an enduring judgment on their life and works; not the natural and expected errors and mistakes that we all experience on our way to a final corrected state. We are as we express ourselves and the invisible is the ultimate determinant of whether we hit the mark or not. Everything else is just chipmunks chattering on a fallen log. Thank you! Now on to the post.)

Lasha Darkmoon is one of the finest correspondents of a type operating on the planet today. She is unrivaled in the diligence of research and accuracy of presentation. She’s fearless and relentless and puts many a man to shame for their unwillingness to tell it like it is. I reference her today because of her brilliant two part article on the art world and who controls it. Her incisive commentary on the fecal obsessed, Talmudic monsters dovetails right in with things like this; this is what the effete, white wine and cheese crowd gets themselves up to in these days of ‘out of their mind and flying blind’. It’s not just a mockery of all that has previously appeared through inspiration from the hearts and hands of those touched by the muse. It is also one more segment in a concerted pincher attack upon the world as we no longer know it. Though there is no evidence of shit in this particular bit of insipid pretentiousness, we can see it metaphorically present in both the participant and the entire tableau.
That this is a flashback ripoff from a presently dead poseur, whose fame was manufactured by the same shit golems under discussion, should not be lost on the reader. Andy Warhol spent his life distinguishing himself as a talentless hack and a vicious gossip. My favorite story about him was told to me by a friend of mine who was and may still be a recording artist, named Gary Kupper. I think this might be him. The age is right and the resemblance is there. I can’t speak to the direction his footsteps have taken him in. We all find our way as best we can. He used to drive a limousine in New York City and as it so happened, he picked up Andy Warhol one evening with a young companion. Andy proceeded to blow the fellow in the back of the limousine and then spit the young hopeful’s cum into the limousine’s ashtray. Of course, Gary had to clean that up. He was not amused.
One feature that attends those periods where materialism has overtaken the reason of the general public is ‘insanity’. By focusing on the inane and trivial, the general population has been led into a cartoon world where nothing is real and everything is lacking in genuine substance. This progressive march into madness has come by calculated steps. The intent is to strip away all human qualities and reduce us to the level of beasts.
Anyone who has studied the Zionist, Talmudic dynamic is aware of their near religious fascination with human waste products. Their scatological obsessions, hooked into their libido is a sick, sick thing indeed, an entire cultural demographic of psychopathic Chuck Berrys. Mr. Visible, in his persona as a forensic, cultural voyeur has come across many a strange item that seldom surfaces into the public view.
Members of The Tribe get up to all kinds of twisted shit and they are accompanied by heavy protections because, as a collective of practicing Satanists, they have a strong hold on law enforcement due to political connections, control of the money supply and black magic rituals of great power, given that in this age such things are carried out without much protest, because it would be politically incorrect to object. There are classic psychopathic types and all of them are resident in the recreational expressions of various members of The Tribe. One can easily see the degree to which our public leaders are compromised and controlled by the Satanic Collective. One can see the litany of quotes across the span of history by the Spawn of Satan.
The vast majority of us lack the courage to speak out and tell the tale. You are and have been slaves to Jewish bankers. You”ve convinced yourself that you can live with this and maybe they won’t take too much. Stupidity is a growth industry and if it were listed on the stock exchange, it would be a really solid investment, just like the euphemistically named, ‘Private’ Prison Industry. That’s where most of you are, right? You’re in a private prison.
The Talmudic monsters who have made ordinary life desperate and unlivable, are vampires in every sense of the word. It’s why they’ve been thrown out of just about every country in the world at least once. This is not some mysterious accident of coincidence. Wiser minds in all of these countries were able to see what was happening to their country and their economy. They do the same thing everywhere they go. They are an alien, parasite life form. They are not human. They are feeding on you, literally.
Only a few people have the stones to stand up and tell it like it is. Your American president went off to the center of world crime to fellate the monster; a blow-job of epic proportions. I’m pretty sure the same can’t be said about that portion of the anatomy ingested. Uncle Tom Obama, who is so fraudulent that the other people at the Harvard Review have no memory of him, went on his steppen fetchit voyage to ‘de massa’s house’ where no doubt he launched in spontaneous renditions of “Old Black Joe” and “Swanee River”. Then he grinned and kowtowed, genuflecting like a plastic flamingo on a drinking glass, taking time off from his busy days of sucking up and French-kissing the Devil’s anus to insult one brave soul who had the courage to tell the truth.
The Bankers are stealing everything that is not nailed down and they’ll get to that in due time too. You could do something about it. Every country could go the way of Iceland. Every citizen could step away from the mind control, wage slave machinery, of their fabricated indebtedness. They are sucking you dry while you scorn and ridicule those who risk it all to liberate you. No one can be so stupid as to not see what is going on. The real truth is that they are frightened of and obedient to their overlords. Many of them aspire to be just like them. Everyone is playing a role here and that role is an amalgam of defense strategies that protect them from nothing.
This is what’s going on with your finances. Here is a litany of what they are up to. They kill without conscience. Their crimes are legion. They are demons in the flesh. Deal’s are made for profit and survival every day, by those who forfeit their souls for temporary gain and position. No writer or composer who criticizes them has any chance of reaching a wider audience. They’ve got a list and… if you’re on it, you are marooned on the island of the marginalized and forgotten. You are banished from the marketplace. You are exiled into the wilderness but… you are not alone. Both justice and judgment will come when the time is right and everything will change by some marvelous and unseen power.
A Russian oligarch killed himself yesterday. Let’s hope it is contagious. I expect the unexpected. I expect things undreamed of. I expect a sudden and certain transformation to sweep this planet like a wave in a sports stadium.
I am not afraid of these blood stained clowns. I can’t afford to be. Fear is the one commodity that I cannot afford. Once you allow fear to reside in your heart, you are admitting that their power is greater than whatever else you might believe in. This not only compromises your connection to your source but it hands you over to those who are your enemies. Previously, they did not have the power to oppress you. You gave it voluntarily. You believed a lie. This led to other lies, until you were lost in a forest where all of the trees and foliage were lies and where no light can enter in.
You will live with these things and conditions until you can bear it no longer but… as long as you can bear it you will live with it. That is your fate until you change it. It’s a leap and a reach to be sure and it requires things you may feel you have lost or forgotten the location of. However, once you acknowledge what you are dealing with, you will be able to see it for what it is and it will not be nearly so threatening or powerful as you imagined it to be. Reclaim those virtues that made you human and you may well become more than human. Take a cue from those fighting the good fight who are still fighting. If the enemy is so powerful then why are they still here and so employed. Think about it.
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