And the Darkness has Broken under the Revealing Light

Visible Origami – March 21, 2013

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I had considered simply doing this as a comment following the post but… It’s of such a serious nature …and having been engaged in collecting available facts, over recent days, it’s got all the elements of a good story, a kind of mind film, which can prove informative and entertaining. I’ve been engaged in a lot of back and forth over the last week, with readers who sometimes appear here and some who never show up in the comments section but with whom I exchange the occasional emails.
A lot goes on here in regard to these blogs and other endeavors. Most of them never get mentioned, due to the need for discretion. I’m going to bring to your attention some number of things today but I am limited in how far I can go because I do not wish to cause distress (for the moment anyway) to even my enemies. Some of them, irrespective of their theaters of employment, are just not very bright; probably why they are doing what they are doing in the first place. If they had been more intelligent, they wouldn’t have gone and exposed themselves to people who were in my corner to begin with and then only played them to see what they were up to. I can just imagine their chagrin at this point; a small digression, I used to go by the name, Maurice Chagrin (grin).
Moving right along, if you come to any of the blogs at certain hours, you will see sometimes quite a bit more than 100 readers online at the blog at the same time. If you follow that for any degree of days, you will see people coming from every country in the world, some of them are countries I never even heard of before. If is no great reach to assume that these readers come from all walks of life and as I have mentioned over the years, the readers would be pretty surprised at the names and occupations of some of the people who read here.
One fellow has ties to the intelligence communities, meaning he hears and sees things in the course of his days. You might remember, sometime earlier last year, when I mentioned that someone had come to me and told me I was being targeted by certain specific, interest groups that wanted to instigate chaos into the midst of my efforts and that I should be on the lookout for people ingratiating themselves into the scene, creating a familiar persona, becoming part of the mix and then suddenly reversing themselves and becoming a seriously negative and disruptive force at my expense. I was told that some amount of people were already in place and had been for awhile and that new ones were coming. The things I say are not desirable to those entrenched interests, who seek to conceal what they have done and intend to do. They went so far as to hack my consort’s emails and then to bring certain things to the attention of some of her correspondents, all of whom live in the same country. They were informed about people I link to (did link to) and the nature of some of the things I say. I couldn’t figure out, until I was told recently, how her friends all found these things out at the same time. Out of a desire for harmony I had to remove a certain blogger from my links and I had to weather a shit storm concerning some of the subject matter I deal with and how it could bring danger and a degree of infamy upon my environment and family.
It is this very thing that is at the heart of what I am forced to deal with here and because I want to do the right thing, I have decided to relocate myself in such a way that should any threat come upon me, it will only come upon me. It’s the right thing to do. I am at a loss to explain that I am protected from certain entities in this respect, primarily because my consort does not believe in; more correctly, doesn’t understand them. She’s seen enough to know that very weird shit happens around me. In any case, I was told I was going to be relocated, even before any of this came up.
Even though I was told that certain factions were going to come after me, within the limitations of what they are allowed to do, for the purpose of demonstration, I promptly forgot about it. These things aren’t all that real to me because I know there’s only so much they can do but… what they can do is a lot more disruptive than I imagined. The whole purpose of intent is to paint me as something I am not and thereby seek to ruin the faith and goodwill I have built up over time. This is why certain cointelpro disinfo operations, who accuse others of this, as a blind upon their own engagement in it, suddenly appear, devoid of observable provocation, to lash out at me with innuendo and slander, always absent of any real details or specific facts. It’s the usual Fox News headlines, where the copy has nothing to do with the headlines. There have been some small number of times when I’ve had anonymous commentary brought to my attention by one reader or another, in which snide allusions are made concerning me, where nothing is revealed or presented, except for vague and unsupported allegations. Most recently this appeared at Lasha Darkmoon’s site, where she had reposted my piece, “Help is on the Way”. Studying the content of the commentary, it is clear that these snipers hail from SOTT.
Given what I have been told in recent days, I now have a much clearer idea of what’s been going on and what is going on. I feel sorry for some of the people who got sucked into some of the charades presently taking place but that’s their lookout. If they are so easily seduced into patently absurd BS, such as my being a government agent, or a mind control slave, then they are welcome to it. I’m not running a clinic for the mentally ill here. One of the reasons I ignored most of the chatter taking place off screen and at other locations is because it was irrelevant to me. I probably should have engaged more but… what’s the point of being defensive when that’s the job of the divine? The cosmos sorts everything out in its own time and you get your due, whatever that may be. One of my favorite responses to almost anything is, “We’ll see”. Whatever any amount of people may believe or disbelieve is unimportant in the scope of things. Either they are right, wrong, or somewhere in betwixt,. It all comes out in time. That is one of the beautiful things about existence. It may take its time and travel across strange landscapes but it will eventually resolve everything into the destiny appointed for whatever it is, whatever it is.
It has been an interesting development over recent times to note that the readership has increased to more than double what it had been over the last few years, where it had been generally stable at certain numbers. Along with that there has been a large influx of new readers and that has caused my Inbox to near quintuple in traffic. Whenever the divine gets into a house clearing-cleaning state of mind (it is Spring after all) it’s never just ‘out with the old’, it’s also ‘in with the new’. I couldn’t be more pleased because it is a solid reaffirmation of the cosmos on my behalf.
For a long time, certain things have been discussed over and over here. A couple of them are ‘testing’ and ‘trial’. It starts out with little tests, which measure our level of commitment and resolve. Failing to pass these, renders us into a repetitive loop of redundant experience. We wind up going nowhere, fast or slow; does it matter? Whether anything matters, or possesses or lacks value, depends solely on you.
I really wish I could engage in full disclosure here. It’s actually pretty funny in a tragi-comic kind of a way but… my detailing the totality of all that’s been brought to my attention would really stir up a hornet’s nest of outrage, embarrassment and acrimony, especially if I were to publish emails exchanged between the witting and unwitting. Nothing hurts quite so much as seeing your own words in print, with verifiable provenance and being unable to defend yourself against your own words and actions. Word to the wise, don’t say things you don’t want revealed later on. I’m going to watch how all of this goes because, given that there is no real way to measure human stupidity, I might actually be forced to publish these communications so that we can ‘all’ have a more clear insight into what’s really been going on of late. For the moment, let’s just say, things aren’t what they seem, not by a long shot. I have to admit to some amount of real amusement, given what I’ve been exposed to over the last couple of days.
Those of you who may have thought yourselves clever need to be mindful of the fact that I will have no hesitation in making your communications public if you don’t quietly go your way and not trouble me, or the rest of us with your puerile chicanery again. Since you don’t know who is informing me, I suggest this would be the wiser course of action. Of course, I do expect that you will try to now approach your tasks from a new angle and possibly with new personnel but… the proverbial cat is out of the bag. For those of you among the duped and deluded, all is forgiven, should you wise up over the course of time. I do know who all of the players are so… keep that in mind.
One thing that must be said, life sure can be interesting and surprising as well. As to the charges being leveled against me, I have never worked for any ‘temporal’ intelligence agency, never been a mind control slave and am pretty much representative of exactly what my writings indicate. As for any personal failings, I’m a work in progress and by comparison with the larger mass of humanity, my shortcomings don’t come to much at all in the scheme of things. Ah well, so it goes in the land of darkness, prior to the coming of the light.
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