Iran would need around a year to build an Atomic bomb: Israel

Reuters – March 21, 2013


Netanyahu draws a cartoon, illustrating to the U.N. the dangers posed by a nuclear armed Iran. Click to enlarge

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu agreed with the United States on Wednesday that Iran needs roughly a year to build a nuclear weapon, but stressed that Israel’s initial concerns were focused on uranium enrichment.

At a joint news conference with U.S. President Barack Obama, Netanyahu reiterated that Israel did not want to see Iran build up its stockpiles of enriched uranium, regardless of whether the Islamic Republic had decided to go on and build an atomic bomb.

“If Iran decides to go for a nuclear weapon … then it will only take them about a year,” Netanyahu said, adding: “Iran gets to an immunity zone when they get through the enrichment process in our view.”

(Writing by Crispian Balmer; editing by Ari Rabinovich)


Comment – March 21, 2013

Netanyahu’s assessment echoes another assessment from Obama last week that Iran is another “year or so” from developing a nuclear weapon.
Crucially, however neither Obama nor Netanyahu say whether Iran has actually decided to build a nuclear weapon. After all, Japan or Germany are also probably a “year or so” from developing a nuclear weapons capacity yet they haven’t been subjected to sanctions, threats of military action or diplomatic pressure.
Apart from suggestions and accusations, absolutely no firm evidence has emerged that Iran has a program to develop nuclear weapons.
Iran’s leaders have indeed condemned nuclear weapons as a “great sin”.
Meanwhile the only country in the Middle East to actually possess nuclear weapons, Israel continues to warn about a nuclear-armed Iran. For more than twenty years now Netanyahu has been warning of the dangers of a nuclear-armed Iran, without providing any proof that it has a nuclear weapons program – unlike Israel, which is known to possess a substantial armoury of such weapons.
In fact, as far back as 1992 Netanyahu was making such warnings but so far the only evidence he has been able to provide that Iran has a nuclear weapons program are cartoons he drew for United Nations delegates.   

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