Exit Bags and Unseen, Hidden Entrances

Reflections in a Petri Dish – March 20, 2013

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Certain online manufacturing entities, are making these things called ‘exit bags’, which are for the purpose of suicide. This is the first I heard about them, while having tea in the kitchen this morning. Switzerland, along with, I think, The Netherlands, are two of the few places where assisted suicide is legal. For those who can’t afford the expense, exit bags are for sale online. I’m supposing that this is available for those seeking a quicker departure than the slow suicide, in which they are presently engaged as a result of terminal lifestyles. The incremental increase of planetary stress, combined with the ‘no exit’ mindset, of so many entrapped in their mortal minds, which cannot provide the escape hatch that awaits all those who have put the illusion of mortality aside is playing havoc with our ability to see clearly. This is no easy feat to accomplish. It takes a persistent effort of remembrance. The mind has to be reminded with relentless consistency that appearances are unreal but that what is behind them is not. The way appearances show themselves to us and the way their meaning is interpreted, is all the result of an assumed perspective that is, by parts, the result of peer pressure and the impact of materialism. Swimming against the current of the human tide would be impossible, were it not for a particular imperative that assists us on our way.
This particular, emergent type is becoming more and more prevalent in these days. The human consciousness is being hijacked by those being forced out of their astral hideyholes into the material sphere. This accounts for most of the crazy behavior being demonstrated by formerly, more or less, sane individuals. I observe it taking place in the wider world and I see it operating in my own small sphere of existence. We’re up against it at the moment and if we submit to the way things look we lose the more steadfast potential of the objective position.
You know that the media is lying to you. We have absolute proof of the lies that have led our countries to engage in gratuitous wars for the profit of bankers (needs to be said over and over). We have incontrovertible truth that Israel was behind 9/11 and strong evidence of their involvement in the London Tube bombings, as well as the Madrid Train Station bombing and the ‘so-called’ terror attack in Mumbai. ICTS was handling security at the first 3 events listed. Quite ze coincidence eh hombre? We can readily assume that they are pathologically focused on ratcheting up the stress world wide through ruining the employment market, the housing market and the financial well being of the general public. There is a multi-tiered war going on and you are the targeted enemy. You’re not just being targeted in the aforementioned zones. You are being targeted at your dining establishments and your dining tables. You are being targeted at your medical facilities. You are being targeted with fear based lies and unending disinfo in your media. You are being dumbed down for the purpose of control in your educational systems and driven into debt for the purposes of enslavement. Your constitution and it’s amendments, are being attacked by your legislature and the courts, who are all compromised by blackmail and phony money, being printed by the criminal counterfeiters, who own the financial printing presses. We know this. This is all proven and indisputable.
Can anyone imagine that there are not insidious, hidden technologies and activities geared toward making you a helpless pawn in their nefarious schemes? These claims are hardly the progeny of paranoia, when the evidence is piled higher than the mountain of bullshit being produced each day by the shitmeisters extraordinaire. The word is getting out. This is no accident. This is an accident, or the result of not paying attention (grin). I did this myself once, truly ripped and peaking on acid in L.A. Thankfully I was in my apartment at the time and not in some public restroom. You can only imagine my distress and the temporary pain experienced, when I took the only course of correction available to me. Ah, what a relief it was!
I know that a certain element of the readership might well be wishing I would branch out into other areas of exposition. Surely I could find other things to talk about. Yeah, I could. I could talk about, “how pretty the flowers, how pretty the hours, how pretty you, how pretty me”. I could let those willing to turn violently against me when I don’t allow it, put a defining robe around my shoulders and call me guru, simply because they find it difficult to access the voice within. I could do that instead of dramatically acting out in rejection of this because… the time and place has not yet arrived for that.
In these times, most pretenders to the throne, all sorts of thrones, are more than willing to take the unfortunate shortcut. They figure they can fake it and reshape the words and teachings of the bonafide fountains, who have come and gone. Religion and the metaphysical realm are big business. One might say it rivals the illegal drug trade and it is also tax free. My god, they’re almost corporations (grin). I watch with equal measures of chagrin and amusement, those charlatans who pose as what they are not. I have had the good fortune of meeting real jnana yogis and other extraordinary beings. I know the difference. That is how I come to know that I am not ready to sit among them. This is a critical awareness that all presuming representations should possess. It can save your ass and other parts of your being, by giving you the proper humility of insight, which will protect you against claiming positions and titles you are not yet deserving of.
There is a particular transformation that must take place before one is authenticated. It is unmistakeable and it comes in due course to everyone who is unflinching in their dedication and determination. Preempting the natural accretion of the qualities necessary for representative mastery, is… a very bad move. Don’t make this mistake. If you have to act in whatever way is available for you to dissuade others from conferring upon you, what is not legitimately yours, do it. The fallout from that will not be nearly so great as the fallout which attends shoehorning yourself into a caricature of the real thing.
Those of you who read the book Aghora (be advised, he has two other fantastic books in the same vein) know that the province of the unknown cosmos is not nearly so narrow as the uninformed may believe. Meher Baba, when traveling in India, used to make a special trip to see the ‘masts’, who ran around naked and looked completely insane but are defined as God-intoxicated beings. They were his favorite people. Imagine someone behaving that way in the U.S. Consider some of the events and conditions described in Aghora. Imagine being present for a number of them. Uh huh. I am certain that few people are aware of the extremes I have gone to, to establish a connection of a certain order. It’s the most important thing in my life. Number 2 can’t even be seen from this perspective. It’s the only way it works in any case. People are free to fool themselves otherwise. It’s a personal affair regardless.
Pretending that certain things don’t exist, or simply being uninformed about them up to the present moment, has nothing to do with whether they exist or not. Claiming that the Sun rotates around the Earth does not compel it to do so. Believing something that is not true, is no asset when in the pursuit of what is real. People of this persuasion are as they are, due to wanting the universe to conform to their expectations, instead of the other way around. Sooner or later an epiphany shows up on their doorstep. How it interprets itself, is dependent on the degree of denial in situ.
Because we take our definition of what is real from the world around us; the material world, we do not see a rather enormous amount of things not “dreamed of in your philosophy”. Because of demands of the ego, we are prevented from acquiring the means by which to control and understand it. There’s nothing wrong with having an ego. You’d be hard pressed to exist otherwise. The concept of getting rid of the ego is bullshit and causes no end of harm. Coming to understand it transforms it into a useful tool. That is the proper course.
Far too many people refuse to believe the truth about 9/11 and the other related events, carried out by the same band of flaming psychopaths. It’s there to be discovered, should one be so inclined, as are the connections between it to the perpetrators of all of these events. People do not want to see what is so because it requires an acknowledgment which they consider dangerous to their well being. Actually, not acknowledging it is what is dangerous, because this maintains you in subjugation to the unreal. Seeking the real, provides a protection against the forces arrayed against you. Denying it makes you immediately subservient to the forces deceiving you. Once again, the shadow has no power but what you give it. We compromise and waste our existence, due to cutting a deal with things that are not responsible for our existence. They are only responsible for the fraudulent part of it.
You might think of your life as a compilation of data on a CD. There’s a certain amount of required experience. The reaction side is open for varieties of response, based on the quality of your awareness. There is also a time code on the CD. Coming into sync with the best possible course, in relation to your required experiences, is the key. You can’t do that if you are in denial about the obvious and furthermore, you set yourself up with certain unavoidable encounters on the road ahead. One must see things as they are in order to see themselves and others as they are. That’s just how it is.
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