Voice of the White House May 26, 2007

“Neither Bush nor Cheney would make good poker players; their bluffs are chronically moronic, illogical and transparent. And they fold easily.

Since 2001, the American public has been victimized by various officially invented (and very badly constructed) “security alerts’, especially before the last election, that were solely designed to terrify the ignorant American public into voting for the wonderful Republicans who would protect them. (Opf course, this begs the question of who will protect the American public from the thieving Bush people who have stolen enough money to buy Guatemala.

And there were the CIA-faked ‘Osama bin Laden” tapes, (he’s been dead for four years now) made in Texas, again designed to frighten voters. And we had the farcical ‘Blow -Up –The- Sears -Tower” plot, more “bin Laden “ tapes, the truly entertaining ‘liquid bombs’ made by purported (but never identified) terrorists who, we were breathlessly told, were planning to use them on aircraft, the equally farcical ‘bombs-in-the-shoes’ scam about blowing up aircraft cockpit doors, the ‘Fort Dix Destruction Derby’, and the constantly leaked ‘Iranian invasion plans’ that we have been deluged with over the last year and a half.

Bush tried to bluff North Korea and was laughed at, not only by the North Koreans but by everyone else. He kept threatening boycotts, invasion and bombings unless they dismantled their atomic programs but the North Koreans quickly saw that he was merely making noise to impress his gullible public again, and ignored him as, rightly assessed, an empty drum, as Shakespeare said, ’Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.’ That was North Korea and was an indication of Bush’s methods of attack: Bluff, posture for the cameras and then fold. In the same vein, both he and Cheney have been shrilly threatening Iran for over a year and a half.

With a terrified Israel pushing them to attack their enemy, (‘Better 10,000 dead Americans than one Israeli’) the Bush claque has been telling Tehran that Bush just won’t put up with them anymore and next week, he will get really angry. That’s when the ‘secret Pentagon plans’ for a pending invasion of Iran are repeatedly leaked to an eager and unquestioning American print and video media. And if Bush gets really mad, he’ll hit them with his purse.

Since Tehran only laughs at his ineffectual noise, Bush, in the growing perception that he is an ineffectual twit, has now committed a very serious error by sending a large naval task force, including carriers, to the Persian Gulf. Instead of terrifying Tehran into submission, he has put the bulk of America’s naval strike forces in very serious harms way.

The Iranians, it is very well known (except by the American press who only prints what the Pentagon and the White House tells them to ) have a significant number of the newest Russian missiles emplaced in the mountains bordering the Gulf. They, and the Russians, have constructed fake positions to fool the overhead satellites, whose paths and schedules have been known for some time to just about everyone except the Pentagon, but they also have real positions filled with missiles.

If an American or an American/Israeli attack were to be launched on Iran, they would retaliate, not with atomic weapons but with Russian-supplied missiles. Anyone taking the trouble to look on the Internet about these new weapons, will know that they cannot be deflected by our electronic missile defenses and all it would take would be for one missile to plow into an aircraft carrier, well within range, and blow a hole in it big enough to run a train through.

The Persian Gulf is not that deep but if a carrier sinks to the bottom of it, the loss of life would be very high, there being ca 6,000 men on board. And we are speaking here of just one enormous ship and not the dozens of other large naval units now on station and also easy targets. A big fleet, confined in the relatively narrow Persian Gulf and easily within the range of Iranian/Russian missiles, could, in theory, be virtually obliterated with terrible consequences.

Once, someone asked Otto von Bismarck, the German chancellor and an expert on foreign affairs, where he felt a major war would break out. Bismarck replied, ‘Some damned foolishness in the Balkans.’ In these times, with the same kind of weak leadership in the United States that Bismarck had to put up with, the answer would be, ‘Some damned foolishness in the Gulf.’

Bush may not be able to launch another real war but his idiotic posing and constant stream of meaningless threats could well trigger a major disaster that would finish the mindless bluffing he has already engendered. By his empty-minded desire to be a great military leader (which he is not now and never could be) and because Israel has pushed him into interfering, ineptly, in mid-East politics, (solely to their benefit) Bush has unleashed a highly effective Muslim anti-American/Israeli movement that, as it spreads across the globe, will have a terrible effect over the next few years.

If it weren’t for our foolish and stubborn support of Israel, the Muslims would never have launched attacks on the United States and our crude, brutal and very public vicious behavior towards them, both in Iraq and the United States has only fanned the flames of a fire Bush deliberately started.

To date, Bush and Cheney’s idiotic games have virtually destroyed our Army and Marines as an effective ground fighting force. Now Bush is looking at the unscathed Navy as another piece on his manic chessboard. Given all this militant flummery, is it any wonder that Russia’s Putin is becoming increasingly hostile? Cheney desperately wants to return to a Cold War with the evil Russians as our primary enemy when in fact, at the present time, the world’s primary enemies sit in the White House in Washington.”

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