Concerning Ravenous, Insatiable Beasts with Human Faces

Smoking Mirrors – March 19, 2013

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Back around the turn of the century, before the most recent one, in the United States, there was a philosophy that got legs, similar to a mugger, hotfooting it away from the scene of a crime. The ones who came up with this sterling example of advanced and compassionate mentation, were not unlike muggers. They also mirrored the actions and mindsets of those who would follow in their footsteps a century later. Of course, there was no real break in the action but, for the purposes of illustration, I’m saying it like I’m saying it. Word.
This philosophy was called, The Gospel of Wealth. Wealth must be understood and so also, our responsibility for it. The Gospel of Wealth was coined by Andrew Carnegie, the second richest man on the planet at the time, whose commentary on it wasn’t half bad. It was then later taken to mean that God made the rich rich and the poor,poor. At this point let me say, I don’t want a ration of shit for tacitly implying that Carnegie wasn’t cut exactly from the same stripe as so many of his peers were and are. I don’t know enough about him to be any kind of expert on his life.
So, initially the Gospel of Wealth meant one thing but was then translated into something else; God loves the rich more. God favors the lifestyles and behavior of the rich more so than the poor, ad nauseum. We are presently in Robber Baron redux. Insatiable crocodile swine, are in a feeding frenzy. What needs to happen is for Iceland to become an international template, rigorously pursued, acted upon and enforced by governments worldwide, suddenly wakened from a manipulated sleep. To quote The Bard, “a consummation devoutly to be wished”. One might also paraphrase The Bard and say, “first we kill all the bankers”. Of course, I’m not advocating this line of action but I can definitely see it, presently and not so slowly, coming into the minds of those being economically hammered by these fiends.
The poor and oppressed and increasingly desperate, know where the rich live and they know who they are. They, not just a few of them, know that the governments are the lapdogs of the corporations and the banks. A raging tidal wave of unbridled anger is roiling and rising and coming to the shores of privileged existence. Here is what Lao Tzu said about those presently engaged in planetary wide rape and pillage; “People starve if taxes eat their grain, and the faults of starving people are the fault of their rulers. That is why people rebel. Men who have to fight for their living and are not afraid to die for it are higher men than those who, stationed high, are too fat to dare to die”.
Lao Tzu also said, “If I had any learning of a highway wide and fit, would I lose it at each turning? Yet look at people spurning Natural use of it! See how fine the palaces and see how poor the farms, how bare the peasants’ granaries, while gentry wear embroideries, hiding sharpened arms, and the more they have, the more they seize, how can there be such men as these, who never hunger, never thirst, yet eat and drink until they burst! There are other brigands, but these are the worst of all the highway’s harms”. How accurately does this mirror the present state of affairs?
(I am going to pass on to you one of the greatest gifts you will ever receive, if you can intuit how to apply it and possess the determination to do so. In these 81 sutras is all the wisdom anyone could ever need. This is not to discount those other marvels of deep inspiration. Some of them too are clear and precise explications of eternal verities. As I have mentioned before, I used to take LSD and sit for hours reading this book, so as to imprint it on my consciousness. If you have not read this before, I expect you will be transfigured and enthralled by the simple elegance and truth found therein.. It literally hits the system as if it were food. It is certainly sustenance of a high order.)
There will be no links today, detailing the banker caper in Cyprus. There is enough commentary and articles around so that one could be engaged in reading throughout the day. Lao Tzu said, “Those who would take over the earth and shape it to their will never, I notice, succeed. The earth is like a vessel so sacred that at the mere approach of the profane it is marred and when they reach out their fingers, it is gone. For a time in the world, some force themselves ahead and some are left behind. For a time in the world, some make a great noise and some are held silent. For a time in the world, some are puffed fat and some are kept hungry. For a time in the world, some push aboard and some are tipped out: at no time in the world will a man who is sane over-reach himself, over-spend himself, over-rate himself”. Herein you can visualize the destiny of the monsters by reflection upon the last portion of the quote.
Mobsters are often referred to as connected guys. We have a surfeit of connected men and women. Some are in the government, some in the corporate world, some in organized religions. You find them all over the place these days, resonating with that mantra, ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know’. We see the three piece suits, the insincere smiles and fake bonhomie of the corporate reavers. We do not see the assassination teams that are employed by the corporations but they are an integral part of some number of international firms. United Fruit was a classic example. Coca Cola employs mercenary killers to implement and insure desirable policies. These things are business as usual for the big guys. Banks do the same. The Vatican is complicit in such activities and one might easily presume that among The Jesuits and Opus Dei there are assassination teams. Given the churches horrific history from The Crusades, The Inquisition, burnings at the stake …and it’s long history of black clad priests employed in the buggery of the innocent, this seems to be obvious on the face of it. Here is a classic example of the reversed Kundalini brought about when a powerful force demands a particular expression, due to the constraints of forced celibacy and the inevitable result, when this tremendous power breaks through the weakest link in the chain. It’s inevitable and why it was happening in so many places at a far remove from one another.
The most important point to take away from all of this is the condition of overreaching on the part of the power and greed maddened, crocodile swine, who slither through the world seeking whom they may devour. Our minds have to be rooted in the certitude that all of this is meant to be for the purpose of demonstration. It can be very hard to get your head around that. It impinges on your life and turns existence into unpleasant, mottled shades of gray. It siphons away our confidence and optimism by the sheer weight of its ponderous appearances in whatever direction you turn.
The idea that the governments, the courts, law enforcement and so many other institutions, whose original job description was anything but what we are seeing, is a bitter pill. How is it possible that all of this will right itself, when this collective of brutes and beasts has such a stranglehold on our daily existence? What can one do when they steal and oppress with impunity? What new and greater outrages await around the corner? Excesses are being piled upon excesses. The conspicuous excesses of Tribe members who looted entire countries goes on apace. The ridiculous mates with the ridiculous to produce the ridiculous and it just goes on and on into madness. I could literally do this all day. Of course I am not going to go on all day. I’ve just give you two more. This one and then there’s this one. The insanity of materialism… oh my God, what have we come to? The callous indifference of one class of supposed human beings toward those they consider their inferiors. This pornographic, conspicuous consumption, while people are starving and in desperate straights, most of them brought to that state by the very people purchasing these things. It never crosses their mind to extend their largesse to their fellows and when they do give it is to enhance a false reputation, through giving to bogus charities, where the proceeds never come to the ones on whose behalf the charities were ostensibly created to serve.
They give everywhere but where it is needed and they only give to call attention to themselves and then write if off in any case. Heads are going to roll. It’s inevitable. Whatever these execrable creatures may be thinking, they are out of the loop in terms of the degree of mayhem that is possible once you have squeezed people beyond endurance. Sooner or later the dam of stored up anger and resentment is going to break and there will be Hell to pay.
I want to point out that the coming chaos and varieties of revolution will not be taking place everywhere. In many parts of the world there will be little sign of what is taking place elsewhere. The main locales for the worst of it will be urban and suburban. There are going to be some real surprises in terms of what comes to pass on the part of the police and the military, when push comes to shove. There are other forces at work within all of us that may well have a great deal more to do with what comes to pass than will that which is outside of us.
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