Cyprus: Your Money is Their Money

by Bernard Grover – Money Grows on Cyprus TreesEdited by

What would you do if you found that your money was not yours?  What if you found out that you were 10% poorer than when you went to bed?
If you live on a sleepy little island in the corner of the Mediterranean Sea, that is exactly what happened to you.
Yielding to pressure from the IMF and the EU, the Cypriot government agreed to steal nearly 7% of all Cyprus bank deposits up to 100,000 euro, and almost 10% of all deposits over that amount, and hand it over to the banksters.  (gasp!  shock!)
Why?  Because the government of Cyprus had been arm-twisted into buying Greek bonds as part of an earlier bailout scheme.  When Greece defaulted on the bonds, the banksters wanted their money back.  Damn the little guy and his hard work and desire to save for some future reward.
The first thing we should all learn from this is that your money is not yours.  The second thing is don’t put any of ‘their’ money in ‘their’ banks.  Keep it in your mattress and make them work for it just like you did. 


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