The Devils and Demons Among Us

Visible Origami – March 18, 2013

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
Every day I go to a handful of news sites. Some of them, like the former, which had been owned as a joint enterprise by NBC and Microsoft, is nothing but a prevarication mill. Several alternative news sites, mix truthful commentaries with commentaries from propaganda mills, attended by commentary on the degree of false information being presented. It amazes me, the extent to which the mass media will go to hammer blatant lies into the passive and captive minds of the brutish public and when I say brutish public, I am talking about things like this. You need to read the comments to get a feel for what I am referring to. It presents a tragic view of a wide slice of the American public. Of course, Israel has an army of internet trolls who scour the internet, seeking where they may spread discord and malicious garbage., and several of the other mainstream, sewage canals are happy hunting grounds for them. You have to keep in mind that a good portion of the comments you see at any of these sites, are the result of paid assets whose job it is to muddy the waters and personify hatred and slander.
You might think, “Huh? Isn’t this Origami? What’s visible doing”? Yes, this is Origami-Land and we’re going to ‘right turn Clyde’, right about here.
If you’re paying attention. If you are not routinely informing yourself of what is going on in the world around you, you stand a good chance of winding up feeling helpless and depressed. That, after all, is their intention. You hear about Satanists running around and doing their thing; to be expected in Kali Yuga. You know that there are such, formerly human creatures. San Francisco has a First Church of Satan and until recently, gay men were walking around the city naked and often hooking up in public places. I’m not a prude, I’m just pointing something out, draw your own conclusions. The First Church of Satan now has branch offices. It was founded, I think, around 1969 by Anton Szandor LaVey, a former animal trainer who worked with big cats and other creatures. Around the same time, The Process Church of the Final Judgment came into being. Around the same time, Charlie Manson was doing his thing. None of these philosophically related phenomena came about by accident. The invisible Satanic Empire was making its move, according to certain informations they possessed. Whether that information is correct, or whether it is only partially representative of the whole, I cannot say. I am not a member, quite the opposite in fact.
From that point onward, observable changes began to occur in the world. The ’80’s brought Reagan and a booming, shameless, ‘greed is good’ Wall Street dynamic.. Since that time, the presidents of the USA have gone from bad to worse and more worse still. The Zionist moneychangers, in control of The Federal Reserve, came out of the closet and began the destruction of the American economy. The Zionist money changers and the Satanists are virtually interchangeable. There is no difference between them in either intent or policy.
This tandem has infiltrated at every level of government and also the realm of international corporations, which run the governments. They have operating control of the Christian religion, through oft repeated lies, which have become accepted tenets and through control of the money. Control of the money supply gave them the ability to buy up the media and the entertainment world, along with a serious amount of politicians and high level religious leaders, who weekly brainwash their parishioners, exalting gratuitous wars in the Middle East and rubber stamping everything their Zio-Overlords request and require. The mindset of the moment for these psychopaths, is that they are unstoppable and that is why they have, in recent time, come out into public view. They are arrogant and over confident and that will be their downfall, along with a few other things and especially the eternal verity, “evil destroys itself”. This is something that you can count on. The ebb and flow of human existence, follows certain rules of order and progression. Different things happen in different time zones, as humanity moves along. The mass of humanity moves at a very slow pace. Some of us hothouse our evolution and can move at a seriously rapid pace, bypassing lifetimes of suffering. Let me quote what the Buddha said, “All life is pain caused by ignorant desire”.
It is a sign of chronic insanity and dream weaving, mind control that the general public does not realize their options, or what they eventually and inevitably face on the wheel of fire, the wheel of birth and death. Lifetime follows lifetime, in the pursuit of the useless, trivial and terminal. One would have to be insane, or deeply deluded to choose the usual fare, over the extraordinary, alternative possibilities. I cannot stress a certain fact enough. This time period is one of very great opportunity. It very rarely appears. This is why the force of materialism is so strong and why the agents of the dark side are so relentlessly at work, to fulfill their agenda of trapping humanity in functional illusion, until the point of advantage has been passed. Parse it how you like, it’s all about a war for human souls. That includes your own.
It continues to be a mystery to me, as to how so many people can doubt various features of existence, when the proof of the matter is everywhere to be seen. I’m talking about reincarnation, Karma and the existence of the invisible planes, which is completely logical as a progression from the physical plane. One should study the bandwidth of the various rays that are employed in contemporary technology.
The truth of ‘what is’ has been intelligently and convincingly presented over the centuries by the brightest and most righteous of all of us. In many of these lives, these truthtellers were persecuted and blocked in their efforts to enlighten humanity concerning their circumstances. Sadly, the mass of humanity is either indifferent to this, or has embraced manipulated dogmas, which are set up to control them in order to fleece them and profit from their industry. As has been said here many times. The most effective way to bring down our oppressors is to simply step away from the machine, to refuse to contribute to or support the system. It would, as a result, shortly collapse and implode from its own weight.
These last several years have not been easy on me and I suspect the same is true for many of the readers. The testing and trial has been intense but a sea change has come. Previously it was all I could do to manifest these blogs and maintain some semblance of equilibrium; there was no music being made, no recordings, no finishing the novel. That’s all been reversed now. It seems that endurance and some amount of steadfastness is what is required. Eventually, the tide must turn. This is something all must keep in mind. This is why an intentional mental and emotional state of optimism must be maintained. It will carry you over the unpredictable waters of existence and it links you up with positive forces. A positive mindset attracts positive assistance. A negative mindset attracts the opposite. Everything in your world and your position in it, is determined by the state of your consciousness and the level of your awareness. Your state of consciousness and awareness, is compromised by the forces of materialism, should you allow it any degree of preeminence. The relative degree of our fear and attachment, determines the degree of our bondage to the ongoing agenda of the dark side.
There is an ancient maxim, “Laugh at the devil and he will flee from you”. The devil cannot abide scorn and ridicule. Many people fear this force, not understanding what it is. That fear empowers the force by a serious magnitude but it is only a shadow and possesses only the power you give it. This is how it works.
Intellectuals argue until doomsday’s break about the composition and meaning of existence Pundits and presumed authorities hold forth on the how and why of process and procedure but… the understanding, as much as is humanly possible, can only come from within through inspiration and revelation. All other information is either flawed or incomplete but apparently it is enough for the people who rely on it.
I’ll close with a construction analogy. Let’s say you are building a two, or even three story house. When constructing the first floor, you have to be attentive to what is allowed in terms of being out of plumb because when you get to the second floor, the degree to which you are out, measurably increases and you can only imagine what happens when you get to the third floor. The same is true of life, if your foundation is out of plumb, you can expect the same results.
Okay then, some things to think about. These are the things I think about, pretty much all the time, otherwise my head is completely empty but… in a good way (grin).
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