Voice of the White House May 24, 2007

“The people here have leaked a story that Bush is going to get the grossly incompetent CIA to launch ‘covert actions” against Iran! This is known here to be pure crap, just like the duct tape crap they tried to peddle a few years back. Or the ‘liquid –explosive- on –aircraft’ hoax or the ‘terrorist attacks on 1. the Sears Tower in Chicago and, 2.Ft. Dix The demoralized, gay-infested CIA would be hard put to launch a covert attack against a Brooklyn hotdog stand and outside the United States with its obedient media, no one believes this silly crap. When Blair goes as PM, the British media will be far less accommodating in publishing the latest American scare fiction.

The CIA oafs are responsible for the periodic ‘bin Laden’ tapes that the eager press loves to publish. The problem is, the man has been dead and buried for four years and they know it. Bin Laden died in a Pakistani military hospital in 2003 as the result of kidney failure. This has not prevented the ham-handed CIA from producing grotesque “bin Ladin” tapes for the edification of the obedient press and the concern of the American public, usually to either hide one of their usual disasters or to prepare for a new one. And while on the subject of Pakistan, the nitwits in the Bush administration have written off Musharraf and are now courting several venal Pakistani military leaders to bribe when the current leader steps on a landmine in his bathtub.

Although it is strictly forbidden for anyone in the Pentagon or the U.S. military to express views that contradict the weird fantasies of our mad President, nevertheless, they do prepare in-house memoranda on the catastrophic situation in Iraq and at least one of these has leaked out.

One very unhealthy indicator of the coming disaster is the ratio of combat troops to support troops. In 2003, at the onset of the Iraq catastrophe, the ratio was 1 to 3 and now it is at 1 to 2. Historically, the ratio during the Second World War was 1 to 5 and the last major conflict, the Vietnam war, the ratio was 1 to 7. This ratio has been achieved by pouring every available person into active combat, stripping cadres from military bases worldwide and replacing them with civilians and drastically lowering the entrance requirements for enlistment. When you add these to the longer and longer tours of duty you have a large force available, no matter how weak, under-equipped or useless and Bush, in his madness, thinks that the numbers will force a military defeat on the insurgents.

The Pentagon experts now feel that Bush has personally ruined the military and exposed us to very critical security problems. None of these realities are recognized by the Triumvirate of Evil, Bush-Cheney-Rove.

These vicious and completely destructive creatures will end up causing huge death tolls among our young soldiers which, like the battered French army in 1918, will cause mutinies, refusals to fight and the killing of officers that are too gung-ho. This, according to the military analysis, is guaranteed to happen if the present policies are not radically altered, but no one has the balls to do anything about it.

Eventually, the public will take control and then there will be a guillotine set up in Lafayette Park and set to use around the clock.”

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